5th August 1999 Archive

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  • Via to buy IDT's Centaur

    Whew...does Via have any AMD ambitions?

    Business 05 Aug 06:36

  • Xeon delay stories wrong, says Intel

    No delay anticipated for four-way system shipments

    Business 05 Aug 06:52

  • Intel to send PIII/450 to gulag

    And slashes prices on Celerons -- stone the crows

    Business 05 Aug 07:09

  • Wall St brutalises Net shares

    ...time to buy, buy, buy

    Business 05 Aug 07:34

  • AMD uses Intel Inside top Fab Sandpit

    ...and so it goes

    Business 05 Aug 07:39

  • Net IPOs slump on first day trading

    Overpriced and oversupplied

    Business 05 Aug 08:12

  • Why the fuss about the Red Hat IPO?

    Looks sensible, to us

    Business 05 Aug 08:24

  • Baratz swaps place in the Sun for investment bank

    Software head lasts two months only

    Business 05 Aug 08:37

  • Regulators check Corel CEO share deals

    Business as usual, Cowpland says

    Business 05 Aug 08:45

  • How Intel should treat Americans – unofficial


    Business 05 Aug 09:20

  • Intel Coppermine delay caused by fear of AMD

    But Intel has a secret weapon up its sleeve

    Business 05 Aug 10:37

  • Lara Croft to turn games players away from piracy

    Lame slogan to defeat criminals, apparently

    Business 05 Aug 10:39

  • IT Relief issues fundraising call to arms – and legs

    Get on your bike and do your bit

    Business 05 Aug 10:50

  • Scottish Internet hub planned

    Major hub will speed Scots' Net access

    Business 05 Aug 10:52

  • Industry analysts diet for charity

    Perhaps they're going to eat their words...?

    Business 05 Aug 10:54

  • Rush for free books knocks over BOL server

    Site buckles as more than 30,000 people dash for freebie

    Business 05 Aug 10:55

  • Diamond, RIAA end MP3 spat

    Both parties drop legal battles, become best of pals

    Business 05 Aug 11:12

  • Online liquor sales under fire in US

    HoR votes to implement stringent rules

    Business 05 Aug 11:35

  • Samsung unveils SDRAM-beating SGRAM

    More than a match for Rambus too

    Business 05 Aug 11:38

  • Onsas.com spams UK journalists


    Business 05 Aug 12:42

  • Sun plans Corona PC Killer

    $499 kick-off price

    Business 05 Aug 13:09

  • Sega signs AT&T for Dreamcast Net access

    Just like we said...

    Business 05 Aug 14:22

  • Microsoft, stealth bombing and the hacker challenge

    Games people don't play

    Business 05 Aug 14:29

  • Telewest to tackle BT, NTL with broadband launch

    Microsoft investment forms key part of next phase for cable co

    Business 05 Aug 14:38

  • LinuxPPC mounts hack challenge as MS fails to tempt crackers

    Weather, not crackers, brings down Win2000 server

    Business 05 Aug 14:59

  • Govt e-commerce stand under attack – again

    Cyber Rights accuses IBM & BT of ignoring privacy issues when advising govt

    Business 05 Aug 15:09

  • Alpha Coppa not a stonking whoppa

    Will you, won't you, will you won't you join the ball

    Business 05 Aug 15:24

  • IBM to debut ‘Gigaprocessor’ CPU at Hot Chips

    Power4 chip to be first multi-core part in PowerPC family

    Business 05 Aug 15:34

  • MS considers free Net access for US

    Looks to Freeserve in the UK for 'AOL-killer' business model

    Business 05 Aug 15:55

  • NT faces RISCy future

    Unix still got legs in the corporate market

    Business 05 Aug 16:30

  • Tosh develops combo CD/DVD drive

    But it can't make toast

    Business 05 Aug 16:31

  • Memory Corp turns last year's loss into Q2 profit

    Jump in sales of 370 per cent helps somewhat

    Business 05 Aug 16:33

  • How Sun can Magic away Apple's consumer success

    Apple's right to be unconcerned by the free PC concept -- the real threat lies elsewhere

    Business 05 Aug 16:33

  • MS ready to take free ISP battle into US

    AOL under attack on a new front?

    Business 05 Aug 16:34

  • Former Compaq sales director joins Fujitsu

    Jackson bobs up in channel again after leaving Tiny

    Business 05 Aug 16:35

  • Intel Coppermine: the facts emerge

    The PR bunnies and spinolas, they speak truth

    Business 05 Aug 16:37

  • 3i drums beat for Jungle Online

    Clicks and Mortar department store

    Business 05 Aug 21:33

  • FortuneCity founder chases silver surfers

    Some are born middle-aged, some achieve middle age, and some have it thrust upon them

    Business 05 Aug 21:39

  • Computers kill Brits

    Stiff upperlip defenceless against killer notebooks, death ray monitors, crippler keyboards, cancer phones

    Business 05 Aug 22:32

  • Softbank closes $600 million VC fund

    And we reprise our ZD 'debt-bloated carcass' quote

    Business 05 Aug 23:47