4th August 1999 Archive

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  • AMD's Sanders puts two fingers up to Intel

    It's finger-lickin' good...

    Business 04 08:47

  • Taiwan blackout wreaks fab havoc

    Pricing on DRAMs and TFTs set to rise

    Business 04 08:59

  • Motorola announces ‘revolution’ in IC lithography

    Will break 0.1 mircon barrier "early in the next millennium". Wow...

    Business 04 09:54

  • AMD and its Dresden Sandpit: Part II

    More copper nuggets from Mittel Europe

    Business 04 10:33

  • Iridium crisis nears

    Motorola bullish about satphone company's survival, even as the banks close in for the kill

    Business 04 10:49

  • BOL UK gives away books – today

    Free books, no catches -- no delivery charge either

    Business 04 10:56

  • What was last month's DRAM price hike all about?

    DRAM a-lam a ding-dong

    Business 04 10:58

  • Confusion reigns over Celeron 100MHz FSB

    What is going on here?

    Business 04 11:00

  • Microworkz signs $300m ISP deal with AT&T

    That's a heck of a lot of iToasters it needs to sell

    Business 04 11:13

  • Cyber war threat to UK set to explode

    Businesses are ill equipped to fight off the online terrorist

    Business 04 11:16

  • Barbie PC makes computing kids' stuff

    There's even a Hot Wheels PC for all you butch boy racers

    Business 04 11:17

  • Who cares about video-conferencing?

    Survey says: no one

    Business 04 11:18

  • Channel gets £6.5m fillip from Compaq

    PC behemoth adds weight to online marketing initiatives

    Business 04 12:14

  • AMD to intro non-legacy PC push

    ISA sorta guessed it might

    Business 04 12:47

  • Diamond launches ‘Celeron’ AGP card

    Faster, cheaper video

    Business 04 14:33

  • Tech Data snaps up Globelle

    Canadian presence set to double

    Business 04 14:45

  • Is Intel pressuring mobo maker rumour returns

    Speculation mounts to feverpitch as 10th of August looms

    Business 04 15:17

  • 3Com, others sued over Palm Pilot patent

    Female-led company files suit over pen issue

    Business 04 16:05

  • Palm licenses Planet.com WAP browser

    But for its licensees, not itself -- at least, not yet...

    Business 04 16:19

  • Scrap the Internet – it's bad for you

    Norwegian newsgroup gathers just three messages of support

    Business 04 16:19

  • ISPA knocks UK e-commerce bill

    Too much emphasis on encryption and not enough on e-commerce

    Business 04 16:21

  • EarthWeb snaps up Sysopt and CodeGuru

    Says acquisitions will bring in advertisers

    Business 04 16:22

  • Europe set to overshadow US for e-commerce

    But only if the right players use the right technology in the right markets

    Business 04 16:22

  • Compaq loses top slot in UK PC market

    Dell takes the number one spot as Compaq's nightmare comes true

    Business 04 16:35