3rd August 1999 Archive

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  • Linus Torvalds more popular than Bill Gates

    Linux fan club strikes again

    Business 03 10:38

  • Home Internet take-up rockets in UK

    Freeserve fingered as prime suspect for boosting Net use

    Business 03 10:43

  • Mobile war spreads to supermarkets

    Ruffles network operator feathers

    Business 03 10:48

  • Gates donation without foundation

    PR pipers at the Gates of Dawn

    Business 03 11:11

  • Motorola turns to Caldera for Linux push

    Chip company strikes deal for embedded, desktop and server Linux distributions

    Business 03 11:31

  • EarthLink sues Microworkz to recover fees

    And cut-price PC vendor promises to counter-sue ISP

    Business 03 11:46

  • Yahoo! wants Excite but @Home can stay at home

    And what does AT&T have to say about it?

    Business 03 12:00

  • AMD positions K7 Athlon for enterprise

    A whole rash of suffixes and the K doesn't wash

    Business 03 12:02

  • Gov't e-commerce policy a shambles

    But Blair's got a cool web site

    Business 03 12:11

  • Bitboys unveils embedded DRAM 3D graphics chip

    Basic version offers four times the throughput of existing cards, claims developer

    Business 03 12:18

  • Free Macs for sale

    ISP charges subsidise hardware costs

    Business 03 12:26

  • Via-AMD finalise chipset deal

    Will use south bridge chips in provo chipset

    Business 03 13:31

  • Sun MAJC CPU set for Java-style public licencing

    Sun exec speaks to The Register

    Business 03 13:41

  • Rumours ramp about Rise guys' demise

    Unconfirmed layoffs

    Business 03 13:48

  • Alpha IBM copper is a blinking whopper

    That's a fib, for non-boiled beef and carrot geezers

    Business 03 14:01

  • From e-by-gum to e-business

    Yorkshire strides into 20th Century

    Business 03 14:05

  • Natsemi, Via ink $167 mill Cyrix deal

    It's in black and white and read all over

    Business 03 14:19

  • MS master-slave ratings drop

    But the overdog still gets 60 per cent approval

    Business 03 14:35

  • Fire stops (game)play entrepreneur

    ...escapes, but then gets trapped in lift

    Business 03 14:44

  • Big Ron joins AOL as Director of Football

    Free transfer, we assume

    Business 03 14:51

  • Microsoft dishes free software to US charities

    But how much is it really worth?

    Business 03 14:56

  • AMD and its Dresden Sandpit: Part I

    No bunny suit…whew, what a scorcha

    Business 03 15:00

  • BT bundles modems in ADSL campaign

    All-in price

    Business 03 15:05

  • AOL to put Net terminals into cinemas, shops

    Buys into PoS kit vendor to drive 'AOL Anywhere' strategy

    Business 03 15:16

  • FAST claims world's biggest search engine

    But size isn't everything

    Business 03 15:48

  • Slavery returns with eBay auction

    British male could be yours for $32

    Business 03 18:15

  • Hackers exploit MS design flaws

    It's a question of trust, you see

    Business 03 20:10