2nd August 1999 Archive

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  • Atlas coughs up $13m for Acorn spin-out

    Oldest start-up

    Business 02 08:51

  • ZD loves ZD – true

    Nepotism R'US

    Business 02 09:21

  • Palm to offer iMac-style organiser

    Palm IIIe Special Edition to sport translucent case

    Business 02 10:00

  • A spoonful of email makes the medicine go down

    A doctor on every desktop

    Business 02 10:02

  • Free-ISP boom brings Easynet rich pickings

    Group's telecomms division sees boost to sales

    Business 02 10:47

  • Sun preps Net box-oriented CPU

    Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing to debut later this month

    Business 02 11:14

  • 3dfx touts T-buffer for next-generation games

    Advanced 3D technology to offer movie-standard special effects

    Business 02 11:41

  • Energis buys into European telco market

    Sees future in pan-Euro services

    Business 02 12:01

  • StarGig.com seeks to dominate Net music

    Takes lead from MP3.com -- IPO to follow shortly

    Business 02 12:04

  • Telecomms performance hard to pin-down

    Immature sector keeps analysts guessing

    Business 02 12:10

  • Filtronic fixes sights on former Fujitsu fab

    But will only buy UK plant if UK government helps foot the bill

    Business 02 12:25

  • NTL fires first volley in Net calls price war

    Cable co removes distinction between local and national calls

    Business 02 13:33

  • US govt views Y2K rollover with fatalism

    It's all going horribly wrong -- shucks...

    Business 02 14:29

  • Intel StrataFlash ‘surpasses’ Moore's Law

    Chipzilla founder "not impressed" -- Give me back my Law, demands Moore

    Business 02 14:40

  • Gates' charitable foundation: gift or PR gambit?

    Do we spy a hidden agenda here?

    Business 02 15:17

  • Avoid MS Word, US appelate judges warn lawyers

    Use WordPerfect, Illinois court told

    Business 02 15:26

  • SGI selects Linux over IRIX for IA-64

    Too few apps, too expensive to port, company exec admits

    Business 02 15:52

  • AMD succeeds in producing copper K6

    It's a warm up for the Athlon

    Business 02 16:07

  • Ciscom ‘hate email’ employee back in court

    Six months ago he hacked his ex-employers system to send hate emails, now they want £5k training costs back

    Business 02 17:06