30th July 1999 Archive

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  • IS MS ducking the Win64 question?

    The OS codenamed Janus looks like being a long time coming...

    Business 30 09:03

  • DoJ prepares to demand break-up of Microsoft

    Thoughts at Justice seem to be turning to the nuclear option

    Business 30 09:16

  • Bong – LineOne signs up ITN for news service

    First piece of broadband service plan now in place

    Business 30 09:34

  • Amiga chip choice confusion continues

    Come on, guys -- spill the beans

    Business 30 11:11

  • CCM dips toe in e-commerce waters

    Warns channel that it's not a panacea

    Business 30 11:25

  • ADSL market set to explode

    Analysts predict widespread take up

    Business 30 11:29

  • ISP severs contract with Microworkz

    How will it bundle Net access now?

    Business 30 11:40

  • Samsung slips laptops its 16.5-inch whopper

    LCDs keep getting bigger and bigger

    Business 30 11:53

  • MP3.com Q2 revenues way up, profits way down

    But what else do you expect from Internet IPOs these days?

    Business 30 11:55

  • Same old show on my Internet radio

    Sound comes to LineOne

    Business 30 14:24

  • BT disappoints City with Q1 profits

    Loads-a-money, but not as much as expected

    Business 30 14:37

  • Profits up for Maxdata

    First half looking good

    Business 30 15:33

  • Open letter to AOL about instant messaging


    Business 30 16:09

  • AOL chief gets open letter on messaging war

    Net industry big wigs join forces

    Business 30 16:12

  • US judge blocks Web kiddie porn law

    Banning circulation of porn to kids is an infringement of civil liberties, it seems

    Business 30 16:14

  • Congress urged to extend Net tax-free zone

    What will happen when moratorium ends?

    Business 30 16:15

  • Free-PC offers free Net access to boot

    More free products and services than you can shake a modem at

    Business 30 16:21

  • AOL UK trials ADSL

    Climbs aboard BT train

    Business 30 16:36

  • Network Solutions International under fire from EU

    Domain name body accused of abuse of position

    Business 30 16:46

  • Ecommerce beats Y2K spend – soon

    Half of the IT market by 2002

    Business 30 16:50

  • EDS back in profit, but debts climb

    More surgery likely, and a sudden end to boom times could be nasty

    Business 30 18:29

  • US net snooping plans debunked

    FIDNET not a threat after all. Well, not yet, anyway...

    Business 30 18:31