29th July 1999 Archive

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  • Gates tops share sale list, but foundations are shallow

    Older charitable operations eclipse His Billness' do-goodery

    Business 29 09:42

  • BT reveals ADSL roll-out plan

    Ten UK cities earmarked for high speed network

    Business 29 09:46

  • Rambus to win memory war

    Neat technology and Intel muscle will seize the day

    Business 29 09:48

  • Oracle plans $150 Intel-Linux machine

    Ellison loops back to the beginning of NC project, apparently....

    Business 29 10:14

  • Apple slips Samsung $100m in LCD priority bid

    'Investment' made to ensure iBook OEM doesn't run out of displays

    Business 29 10:27

  • Compaq axes 8000 jobs

    New CEO slashes costs as company announces $184m Q2 loss

    Business 29 10:53

  • DRAM prices will rise further claims Micron exec

    Expect more talk of shortages too

    Business 29 11:28

  • Booze, birds and bandwidth

    FHM magazine launches its own free Internet service

    Business 29 11:34

  • Kingston takes direct route to resellers

    Cuts out disties to flog memory to systems builders

    Business 29 11:35

  • US cable co. Charter charts IPO course

    Wants to raise $3.45 billion

    Business 29 11:52

  • Health warning placed on Olicom

    Selling some or all of the company?

    Business 29 12:07

  • Taxman classifies computer installation as construction

    Special certificate required before invoices can be paid

    Business 29 12:42

  • Totalise tantalises with share give-away offer

    Users get stake in free ISP company

    Business 29 12:44

  • Telecomms deals spin up billions of dollars

    A 1000 per cent leap in average deal value in the US alone

    Business 29 12:45

  • Open source supremo backs MS as Apple sides with AOL

    "Microsoft deserves to win this battle," says Eric S Raymond

    Business 29 14:10

  • Gameplay.com IPO nets £31m

    Not quite up to Freeserve standards, but maybe a better long-term bet

    Business 29 14:26

  • World trade body declares MS profits illegal

    Well, OK then, some of them, the ones from US gov't tax breaks, are

    Business 29 15:13

  • Intel preps 27 Sept Coppermine debut

    In the meantime, we'll get mobile Celerons, eight-way Streaming SIMD Xeons

    Business 29 15:46

  • BBC buys bbc.com – but for how much?

    Should UK licence payers be told where their money is going

    Business 29 16:56

  • The English language according to Microsoft

    New Encarta dictionary snubs the Queen's English

    Business 29 16:57

  • Nortel Q2 figures beat analysts' predictions

    Strong growth in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific

    Business 29 17:01

  • Buddy lists to boom on mobile devices

    PDAs and cellphones to explode market for instant messaging

    Business 29 17:03

  • Ingram profits slip in face of record sales

    Pretty damn good, though

    Business 29 17:04

  • Rival infests Sharkhunt waters

    It's turning into a Net ad feeding frenzy

    Business 29 17:05

  • DVD to dominate disk market

    But don't write off the floppy just yet

    Business 29 17:07

  • Themutual.net kicks off share giveaway

    First 10,000 to sign up get 10,000 shares - free

    Business 29 17:14