28th July 1999 Archive

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  • IBM takes aim at Adaptec with $240m Mylex acquisition

    One-stop OEM storage shop

    Business 28 08:22

  • Intel flags 2 Aug for new chips, prices

    PC vendors gear up for Q4 consumer selling season

    Business 28 08:49

  • Tosh readies MP3 music player

    Rio-style device to drive return to hi-fi market

    Business 28 10:39

  • Intel sues patent ‘parasite’

    Chipzilla seeks $4.5m in damages, alleges AMD was hit too

    Business 28 10:56

  • Marimba Q2 sees 87 per cent growth

    Loss in line with Wall Street expectations

    Business 28 11:11

  • AT&T fights US open cable tide

    But is it winning? Despite appearances, we think not...

    Business 28 11:47

  • Sony Q1 profit down 55 per cent

    Blame it on the Yen, says electronics giant

    Business 28 11:50

  • Web sites liable under law of country where accessed

    New York judge rules that geography can't get in the way of the law

    Business 28 11:54

  • Kewill bolsters US e-commerce presence

    Hits the buy-up trail once again

    Business 28 11:54

  • FBI wants to snoop on private networks

    Fear of cyber terrorists leads to call to open up systems to scrutiny

    Business 28 11:56

  • Insight downplays Action bid

    Action weaker, Insight stronger as shares resume trading

    Business 28 11:57

  • Maritz, one time MS number three, to leave company

    Sliding gently out of the picture, according to top MS spin doctor

    Business 28 12:46

  • Mrs Gates pops down to the drugstore (dot.com)

    Mother of Bill's children directs virtual chemist

    Business 28 13:56

  • Myriad of products launched by Epson

    Printers, scanners, cameras -– you name it, they've probably got it

    Business 28 13:57

  • Portal for the People

    Whitehall Web wizards update online offering

    Business 28 13:58

  • Dabs fingers Web for sales boost

    First million-selling month chalked up

    Business 28 14:45

  • Twelve angry states – or digital ghettoes?

    Net revolution bypasses rural America

    Business 28 14:46

  • Swanntech swims to market with dual PIII monster

    Designed for CADs

    Business 28 15:01

  • Seven months to download a file at Screaming.net

    Bizarre incident revealed in a reader's letter

    Business 28 15:09

  • We get spam offering spam services

    Have the lunatics finally taken over the asylum?

    Business 28 15:13

  • 3dfx uncorks latest Voodoo 3 drivers

    Customise your card to your heart's content

    Business 28 15:14

  • AMD brings forward Athlon to 10 August

    Fab volumes look good, and prospects for 1GHz copper version may be improving, too

    Business 28 15:33

  • Datatec buys US Cisco distie

    Them Rands keep on a-flowin'

    Business 28 17:13

  • DRAM: comeback or false dawn?

    Upward trend in pricing continues – so far

    Business 28 17:14

  • Marconi trawls for radio heads

    Another 400 R&D engineers needed in UK

    Business 28 17:15

  • E*Trade hits UK with cut-throat pricing

    Claims 150,000 Brits will be dealing on-line by 2001

    Business 28 23:01