27th July 1999 Archive

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  • Intel admits chipset famine

    Prices hiked to cut demand, encourage move to 810

    Business 27 Jul 10:09

  • 3dfx revives Velocity brand for corporate push

    But do corporates really want it?

    Business 27 Jul 10:34

  • Falling prices dent CCM figures

    The continuing saga of the squeezing of the distribution channel...

    Business 27 Jul 10:44

  • Amiga goes for Transmeta

    Collas tight-lipped about 'wonder CPU', so here's what we know

    Business 27 Jul 10:55

  • BT nets Cellnet from Securicor

    It'll take a lot of Transit vans to cart away the £3bn payola

    Business 27 Jul 10:59

  • Computer delays student loan payouts

    Latest government foul up renders students miserable and penniless, err...

    Business 27 Jul 11:04

  • Intel clamps down on dual-Celeron systems

    Chipzilla changes packaging until 'fixed' CPUs ship

    Business 27 Jul 11:35

  • Compaq moves to sue eMachines

    Cut-down PC vendor accused of patent infringement

    Business 27 Jul 11:48

  • Intel uncovers new erratum in PIII and Xeon CPUs

    Hangs multi-CPU machines, and needs bios update

    Business 27 Jul 11:57

  • Entry-level HDDs debuted by Quantum

    Simplified drive specs to help OEMs move products quicker

    Business 27 Jul 12:29

  • Paid-for ISPs take a beating from free model

    Research points to a rapid decline

    Business 27 Jul 12:30

  • PC sales strong in EMEA, but margins disappearing

    Big names hang on to top spots but bottom lines are under attack from cheap PCs

    Business 27 Jul 12:32

  • It's good to talk – over the Web

    Now we can all send talking email without the need for pesky plug-ins

    Business 27 Jul 14:22

  • Testers say TNT2 is a blast

    nVidia-based boards blow competition away

    Business 27 Jul 14:23

  • Toucan play at Compaq's game

    Latest ProLiant server strictly for the birds?

    Business 27 Jul 14:24

  • Europress falls into Hasbro clutches

    Can we expect an Alan Tichmarsh doll?

    Business 27 Jul 14:36

  • IT giants fund US police

    Intel, HP, others hand over huge wedges for fight against computer crime

    Business 27 Jul 14:57

  • Opinion: How Linux could screw MS in Q4 2000

    What if something else was ready to roll when MS missed the deadlines, this time around?

    Business 27 Jul 14:57

  • Action suspends shares

    Could there be an acquisition announcement waiting in the wings..?

    Business 27 Jul 14:58

  • Palm to drop Web clipping for WAP

    Palm VII's Web access technology future uncertain

    Business 27 Jul 15:39

  • Is that a MAG InnoVision email in your pocket…


    Business 27 Jul 16:42

  • Hate your PC? Tell Compaq all about it

    New helpline to soothe computer rage goes live

    Business 27 Jul 16:43

  • Mandelson mauls ministers over ecomm bill

    Sour grapes from the ex-minister that started the ball rolling, surely not

    Business 27 Jul 16:45

  • ATI Rages against Gateway machines

    Latest add-in board to feature in Performance PCs

    Business 27 Jul 16:46

  • It's steady as she goes for Freeserve shares

    Looking pretty comfortable around the 200p mark, for now at least

    Business 27 Jul 16:52

  • IBM unveils free Netfinity Linux support, Linux for RS/6000

    Servers to ship with Red Hat, Caldera

    Business 27 Jul 17:13