26th July 1999 Archive

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  • Congress roasts NSI at ICANN hearing

    New CEO catches roasting, fluffs pitch badly

    Business 26 06:09

  • Intel recaptures sub-$1000 PC market

    Beats AMD for first time in 11 months -- just

    Business 26 10:53

  • Dos alive and well in Millennium, claims pundit

    The code MS is shipping is nothing like as radical as rumoured, allegedly

    Business 26 11:00

  • Infineon makes profit shock

    IPO set for Feb/March 2000

    Business 26 11:07

  • Philips and LG ink LCD deal today

    Joint venture is signed, sealed and delivered

    Business 26 12:30

  • Man arrested over alleged hacking offence

    Bailed until October pending further investigations

    Business 26 12:57

  • Big Blue Shark attacks StorageTek

    Storage bust up sees long-standing partnership shaken

    Business 26 13:10

  • GE Cap opens Gateway to corporate accounts

    Direct seller forms alliance with multi-national reseller group

    Business 26 13:32

  • NTL acquires CWC cable unit

    Two left, only Telewest to go

    Business 26 13:39

  • Compaq man joins board of CallCentric

    Consultancy firm adds big-hitter to its arsenal

    Business 26 13:45

  • Compaq still top of the PC pops

    Q2 global PC figures suggest a bumper year is on the cards

    Business 26 14:03

  • Free calls for a tenner as Freecall goes live

    Wait for details comes to an end for 180,000 registered users

    Business 26 14:09

  • TechWorks debuts new cards

    Claims will set gamers hearts a-beating

    Business 26 14:39

  • Gold star and a tick for Ciscom

    Added to elite of Cisco's channel

    Business 26 14:53

  • Keyword auctions ends at AltaVista

    Search site no longer taking cash for cash-linked searches

    Business 26 15:00

  • Maxtor sees loss for Q2

    But not as bad as it could have been

    Business 26 15:01

  • TurboLinux outsells Win 98, MacOS 8.5 – sort of…

    But there's good news for emulation fans

    Business 26 15:34

  • Associated Newspapers takes 50% share in free ISP

    Buys into Arcadia's Zoom Net access/e-commerce offshoot

    Business 26 16:02

  • Sign here for cheapo UK domain names

    Price war in our time

    Business 26 16:14

  • Sun to buy Linux competitor to MS Office?

    Picking up a battle-ready productivity suite could be pretty handy...

    Business 26 16:45

  • Freeserve soars in first day trading

    Text-book IPO

    Business 26 16:47

  • Mail wars: the Microsoft versus AOL square-off

    Microsoft leads the charge for open standard chat clients (cough)

    Business 26 20:58