23rd July 1999 Archive

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  • Capellas gets top job at Compaq

    No Hellman, no way

    Business 23 07:51

  • Asus site hacked

    Strange war message up there in French

    Business 23 08:27

  • Philips flags in Q2 – jam tomorrow?

    The giant's old problems don't seem to change

    Business 23 09:35

  • MS-EDS buddies operations deepen

    So now EDS can sell you even more and even bigger MS systems...

    Business 23 09:38

  • Gates pushes vision of ‘Web-centric’ PC

    But really, he just means more of the same...

    Business 23 09:41

  • Amiga to choose MIPS claims rival

    And will it be acquired by ATI?

    Business 23 10:20

  • Trident sues Via on three counts

    And claims it poached staff

    Business 23 10:27

  • Rainbow replacement for Blue Screen of Death launched

    Windows crashes to appear in iMac colours

    Business 23 10:33

  • Chipzilla in 133MHz FSB bet hedging shocker

    …don’t hold yer breath for it

    Business 23 10:35

  • Great Satan of Four Part Harmonies born

    Great Satan of Haircuts becomes Great Satan of Barber Shops

    Business 23 10:43

  • Windows 2000 in Intel chipset screw-up

    OS slides down Bannister and lands on bum

    Business 23 10:58

  • Free PCs drive sharp upturn in US PC market

    But major vendors still doing better than the cut-price crew

    Business 23 11:01

  • Via's K7 roadmap makes Platform99 appearance

    Chipset firm firms up its firmware

    Business 23 11:17

  • Early adopters hit Win98SE bug

    That'll teach 'em to be first on the block...

    Business 23 11:20

  • MS to start Millennium beta today

    First sightings of next year's model due any time now...

    Business 23 11:25

  • Diamond posts disappointing Q2 figures

    So is the S3 merger off or on, then?

    Business 23 11:26

  • iBook to pull in the punters Apple desperately needs?

    iBook 'em, Dan-O...

    Business 23 11:29

  • Could NatSemi SOCs threaten Celeron's existence?

    When everything's on one chip, what price the Celeron

    Business 23 11:36

  • Canadian firm swoops on JBA

    AS/400 to ERP house valued at over £90m

    Business 23 12:15

  • IBM M-II x86 chip rises from the ashes….

    Phoenix resurrected by Time

    Business 23 12:15

  • BSA accused of dancing to Microsoft's tune

    Allegations come out of South America that suggest the pirate buster is influenced by its biggest member

    Business 23 12:54

  • Cheap PCs will damage MS software sales, says CFO

    And our redoubtable bean-counter doesn't expect to make money from Win2k for another year yet...

    Business 23 12:57

  • Rose contributed to Pfeiffer's ousting

    It was all a terrible mistake, apparently

    Business 23 15:18

  • Doncaster guy not a Doncaster geezer at all

    He was born in a Little Chef in Wendover, instead

    Business 23 15:32

  • Free PC no threat, says channel

    UK resellers hit back at dinosaur dealer accusations

    Business 23 15:44

  • MS-Intel issue roadmap for next year's Windows-only PC

    Wintel alliance not dead after all shock - what's Chipzilla playing at?

    Business 23 15:49

  • Palm boss promises colour screens

    Kessler's first dictat as Palm president also calls for two OS updates

    Business 23 16:05

  • New Compaq CEO says Europe, Alpha integration disappointing

    Something needs to change…

    Business 23 16:08

  • EMC and HP: store-rage mounts

    It was a pre-emptive strike...

    Business 23 16:28

  • Real world eclipsed by Web cast

    You don't need to watch the solar eclipse when you’ve got a PC

    Business 23 16:30

  • Lynx links Fujitsu to dealer channel

    Manufacturer picks up another distie

    Business 23 16:35

  • Dosh shines out of Sun's dot-com

    Will bumper year make McNealy go touchy-feely?

    Business 23 16:50

  • Taxman at risk from Y2K bug

    UK government expresses concern – you ain't kidding

    Business 23 17:02

  • Encryption keys handed to police

    UK gov't ecommerce bill enables access to code cracking technology

    Business 23 17:13