21st July 1999 Archive

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  • ARM earns arm and a leg

    Fifty per cent rev boost, 79 per cent profit boost

    Business 21 07:36

  • IBM veteran scores in Motorola reorg

    'Shoeless' Joe takes another step forward - against the odds, as usual?

    Business 21 07:43

  • Intel i810 chipset has inherent limitations

    'Monkey wrench' for otherwise sophisticated Intel CPUs

    Business 21 07:51

  • New AMD trademarks bubble to surface

    Always interesting watching these…

    Business 21 08:04

  • IBM clones of a different kind

    Twin set -- but no pearls -- for Big Blue

    Business 21 08:06

  • HP set to rebrand imaging devices

    Straight from the island of Rhodos...err, Delos

    Business 21 08:59

  • IT in Eastern Europe

    In the first of a series, we look at Central and Eastern Europe

    Business 21 09:06

  • Satphone giants face the Buck Rogers bust

    Land-based networks, multi-mode phones and roaming deals will blitz clunky satellite systems

    Business 21 09:08

  • Linuxlab launches $299 Web server

    Gets Open source OS into companies through the back door

    Business 21 10:14

  • Be reveals IPO plan

    Modestly priced shares may not be enough to tempt investors

    Business 21 10:16

  • Computer gaming not a sport says Sports Council

    Playing Fields slams high-handed approach

    Business 21 11:31

  • Alpha chip fastest on planet claims Alpha vendor

    It's the fastest draw in the West...maybe

    Business 21 11:47

  • AMD suing FedEx and Japanese railway company…

    ...what's happening? Last time it was Singapore Airlines

    Business 21 12:03

  • New CEO found for Compaq

    Updated: Top job at great Satan of hardware goes to Hellman

    Business 21 12:03

  • Qualcomm beats 3Com to Palm-cellphone debut

    Keep up, Eric...

    Business 21 12:07

  • Great Satan of Mayonnaise is Hellman

    The guy from Decadence he say yeah...

    Business 21 12:16

  • Win95 lives – companies are slow to shift to 98

    Course, Microsoft still owns practically all of the OS market, so can't be too worried...

    Business 21 12:17

  • Licensing drives MIPS Q4 revenue gains

    Future looks rosy

    Business 21 12:26

  • Euro listing to save ilion

    Troubled distie looks to France or Germany to ward off hostile bids

    Business 21 12:27

  • Record breaking Q2 for Citrix

    Posts strong figures for first half of year

    Business 21 12:39

  • Freeserve float massively over-subscribed

    Stock shortages and reduced allocations in the offing

    Business 21 12:43

  • Pirate software create more woes for PC Science

    Unlicenced Office was being used by 97 per cent of assemblers staff

    Business 21 14:30

  • Time to fight Web Ad Flab

    Uninvited banner ads are shown the door

    Business 21 14:38

  • Women are Ready2 surf

    New portal aims to give women what they want, what they really really want

    Business 21 15:20

  • Resellers selected for schools market

    UK gov't announces the list chosen to stay behind

    Business 21 15:21

  • Chuck's away at Western Digital

    CEO says he's outta there next year

    Business 21 15:22

  • Apple debuts iBook

    Steve Jobs takes Register's suggestion for consumer notebook's name

    Business 21 15:32

  • Acer set to snap up IDT…

    You read it here first

    Business 21 15:33

  • BT to exact huge price for international enquiries

    Hasn't the giant heard of the Internet?

    Business 21 15:37

  • Rambus a yo-yo rollercoasta experience for share addicts

    Intel's statement puts cat experience into share pigeons

    Business 21 15:38

  • Szechuan Publishing's guide to…eating in pubs in East Mayfair

    One of an occasional series...

    Business 21 15:41

  • Apple QuickTime TV takes aim at RealNetworks

    After the Open Source action against Microsoft, Apple opens second streaming media front

    Business 21 16:19

  • BT cuts off Nottingham

    That's right, an entire city goes without phones

    Business 21 17:31