20th July 1999 Archive

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  • Glittering MS financials mask declining trend

    It's easy to beat a street that co-operates - we explain how

    Business 20 08:45

  • Bright Light offers free spam busting for the masses

    The outift reckons the move will generate a word of mouth groundswell

    Business 20 08:47

  • NatSemi in rumoured takeover talks

    TI and STMicro sniffing around company

    Business 20 08:53

  • AMD fab ramp pulls rug from under IBM deal

    IBM K6 manufacturing put on ice for the present

    Business 20 08:58

  • Rambus real loser in PC133 wars

    Intel's 'evaluation' tough pill to swallow

    Business 20 09:13

  • Pentium III/600 & Celeron 500 – the NDA emerges

    Dealers and disties get first stab before 'official' launch

    Business 20 09:30

  • Intel's IA64 programme threatened by IMS patent

    Could cost chip giant $$$ billions $$$

    Business 20 10:01

  • 64M memory parts rise 25 per cent in two weeks

    Micron hits back at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson report and hints at legal action

    Business 20 10:36

  • IBM turns in strong Q2

    Plus a few exceptional items to boost the coffers

    Business 20 12:03

  • Red Hat opens European operation

    Wherever I lay my Red Hat, that's my home...

    Business 20 12:14

  • Orange adds Wildfire virtual PA to mobiles

    Organise your life for £10. No, we don't believe it either...

    Business 20 12:14

  • Vodafone-Airtouch spends $1.36bn on US outfit

    The cellular giant starts to throw its weight around

    Business 20 12:26

  • Caldera Thin Clients renamed to focus on embedded Linux

    Lineo, Lineo -- wherefore art thou, Lineo?

    Business 20 12:34

  • BBC shrugs-off Web float rumours

    But raising a stash from an Internet IPO still looks curiously compelling...

    Business 20 12:40

  • 3Com boss announces Palm-based cellphone

    Palm prepares to take on Nokia Communicator

    Business 20 12:52

  • Another complete computer system from Intel arrives tomorrow

    Chipzilla doesn't make complete systems, remember?

    Business 20 13:34

  • Apple's PowerBook G3 is FireWire friendly

    Just make sure you get the right installer, report Register readers

    Business 20 14:32

  • Intel puts cash into e-firm Resonate

    Internet services management another building block

    Business 20 15:07

  • IBM exits DRAM, PCs still (probably) deep in the red

    And tin hats in the storage business. Censored scenes from those glowing Q2 financials

    Business 20 15:13

  • Intel products rest in peace

    Socket Eight Overdrive, Celeron 333 and a Xeon die quietly

    Business 20 15:14

  • US government props up Iridium

    State Department signs latest contract to help keep satellite service out of bankruptcy

    Business 20 15:22

  • South Korea dominates LCD market

    And Samsung dominates South Korea

    Business 20 15:29

  • Net will need 20-fold increase in servers, says Intel CEO

    Well, there's a happy coincidence. More server farms, quick!

    Business 20 15:49

  • Match-makers are Virgin on the ridiculous

    Virgin Net offers online dating service with Match.com

    Business 20 15:57

  • Channel split over the free PC

    It may grow the market, but is the UK consumer ready for it..?

    Business 20 16:13

  • Insiders spill beans on Apple iBook

    Production will reach volume in September

    Business 20 16:49

  • Nvidia, SGI bury hatchet

    Smoke the pipe of peace over patents

    Business 20 17:52