19th July 1999 Archive

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  • Pentium Pro on death row

    Intel says socket eight Overdrive on way

    Business 19 07:23

  • iMac Celeron lookalike could lead to sour Apples

    Will Jobsworth allow this one to pass him by?

    Business 19 07:29

  • Compaq to push harder on platform Alpha

    Price cuts and 32-CPU Wildfire prods arrive

    Business 19 07:52

  • Via confirms Apollo PC-133 has landed

    Beats Intel to market with chipset touch down

    Business 19 09:41

  • Intel confirms i740, i754 dead duckies…

    ...and the i810 hasn't long to go

    Business 19 10:00

  • NEC awards FIC $.5 billion notebook order

    That's not a bad win for the Taiwanese outfit

    Business 19 10:17

  • AOL to launch free Net access in UK

    Leveraging Netscape brand -- but will newbies recognise it?

    Business 19 10:35

  • Palm to launch low-end Palm IIIe PDA

    Expansion-limited device to replace Palm III

    Business 19 10:46

  • Orange eyes up US expansion

    Seeks to establish virtual global presence

    Business 19 10:56

  • Apple's PowerBooks incompatible with Apple's FireWire

    New G3 notebooks just don't like it, apparently

    Business 19 10:57

  • What's happening at… ARM?

    Q2 results out this week

    Business 19 11:00

  • The man who ate the Y2K bug

    Says he will keep it in his body to save the world. Which is nice

    Business 19 11:01

  • AMX to plug your hi-fi into the Net

    First step for Net as universal connectivity solution

    Business 19 11:15

  • Compaq aims Prosignia direct at SMEs

    Old name given a new lease of life as the direct selling range

    Business 19 11:24

  • Bankers overconfident about millennium

    Or perhaps thinking too far ahead

    Business 19 11:32

  • Lucent exec wins HP CEO race

    Carleton 'of the FO' Fiorina beats course favourite, HP's Ann Livermore

    Business 19 11:36

  • Teens worth £3bn in online spending

    Survey warns etailers they are missing out on juvenile pound

    Business 19 11:44

  • MS to remove Sidewalk from Road Ahead

    It was paved with cash injections, apparently...

    Business 19 14:28

  • Intel confirms price moves

    We were not wrong, after all

    Business 19 15:06

  • NTL gains upper hand in C&W fight

    Secures period of exclusivity for negotiations

    Business 19 15:21

  • Serious Fraud Office probes PC Science

    Investigation will hamper planned sale

    Business 19 15:40

  • AT&T to integrate a2b digital music format into QuickTime

    Hitches lift with Apple open source programme

    Business 19 15:57

  • Intel changes mind on PC-133

    It was kind of inevitable...why didn't Intel do it in the first place?

    Business 19 16:01

  • Half of credit card problems are Web related

    Survey from Visa shows there's more to security loopholes than the Internet though

    Business 19 16:20

  • UK Court rules on ISP liability

    Demon told to intervene in bulletin board postings

    Business 19 16:47

  • Flashpoint Marshalled by Avnet troops

    US distie gains AMD foothold thanks to deal

    Business 19 17:25

  • How does the UK conceal its Y2K problems?

    It should be a scandal, but you know what Brits are like...

    Business 19 20:57