18th July 1999 Archive

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  • Via Apollo Pro 133 mobo sales start

    And it's in Japan, of course

    Business 18 10:24

  • Bristol case: how MS escaped the guilty verdict

    No 'relevant market,' no monopoly, so no case, said jury

    Business 18 12:48

  • Analysis: How MS used the WISE Trojan Horse against Unix

    The jury said it wasn't illegal - but it certainly wasn't nice

    Business 18 12:57

  • 600MHz Athlon stomps PIII in ‘preview’ tests

    FiringSquad's results indicate AMD could have a world-beater on its hands

    Business 18 14:14

  • Korean .gov hits out at Sun for Y2K overpricing

    Hospital gets hit by expensive software upgrade

    Business 18 14:26

  • Intel's PIII/600 for sale – applies price fork to AMD K7

    Celeron 500 $190 retail, PIII/600 as little as $700

    Business 18 14:56

  • AT&T faces trench warfare over US open cable plans

    City by city, its broadband network could be pried open for rival ISPs

    Business 18 15:01