16th July 1999 Archive

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  • Integration sends PC component market into tail-spin

    We're all doomed

    Business 16 07:12

  • AMD's Sanders drops another clanger

    To lose Vin Dham was careless..

    Business 16 07:41

  • What's the bet on Willamette?

    Delayed or just Coppermined? We spill the beanies

    Business 16 10:35

  • S3 passes water on Wall Street analysts

    $1.1m profit beats anticipated loss by 20 cents a share

    Business 16 10:47

  • Network Satan talks to Chip Satan on ADSL deal

    Little networking and chip imps, start getting scared

    Business 16 10:49

  • Taiwanese foundries slog it out over 12-inch fabs

    Mine's bigger than yours...

    Business 16 10:49

  • Iridium invokes 30-day debt delay

    Holds creditors at bay in battle to survive

    Business 16 10:57

  • Microsoft poised to spin-off MSN?

    As hugely unprofitable Web operations are worth a fortune, it would be (more) money for free

    Business 16 10:57

  • Iomega Q2 loss deeper than expected

    Predicted $18m restructuring charge balloons to $41.9 million

    Business 16 11:20

  • Amiga releases technical brief with ‘exciting Linux CPU’

    Collas outlines spec and explains Linux choices

    Business 16 11:32

  • Motorola preps enhanced PowerPC G3

    Faster, smaller G3 to match IBM's fast silicon on insulator based PPCs

    Business 16 12:18

  • Amiga Usenet exchange heightens Transmeta spexulation

    He doesn't confirm it and he doesn't deny it...

    Business 16 12:20

  • Dealers expelled from schools market

    Government wants less than 20 resellers to stay behind

    Business 16 13:29

  • Dell & Gateway succumb to Voodoo

    3dfx secures major win in PC market

    Business 16 13:47

  • Freeserve haemorrhaging subscribers, claims paper

    Possibly, we say, but so are all the other ISPs

    Business 16 14:31

  • Graphics companies in 3D fix

    S3, Diamond, Nvidia, STB -- what a mass there is

    Business 16 14:42

  • France Telecom takes stake in NTL

    Successful talks lead to $1 billion investment plan

    Business 16 14:50

  • Web site warns of new UK Jahou speed system

    It's speed cameras, you see, and it can issue 60K tickets an hour

    Business 16 14:51

  • Tiny offers free PC if you join its telco

    Seems like a small price to pay…

    Business 16 15:11

  • Major High St firm to out-Tiny Tiny

    But who could it be?

    Business 16 15:12

  • Nanotech takes defects into account

    It's greased lightning, it's Molecularelastic…

    Business 16 15:21

  • Official: it's legal to screw Unix – MS beats Bristol rap

    Connecticut jury clears company of antitrust violation

    Business 16 19:12