15th July 1999 Archive

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  • NatSemi will announce IA chip today

    As seen first by The Register at Computex...

    Business 15 07:37

  • IDT exits x86, puts Centaur up for sale

    It's had its WinChips...

    Business 15 09:07

  • Excite goes shopping for iMall

    Deal worth $425 million brings Excite's customers to threshold of eshops

    Business 15 09:10

  • US Congress sits on hands while Web whizzes by

    'Bookend' legislators hope industry will fix privacy so they won't have to

    Business 15 09:48

  • AT&T contract obliges MS to make its APIs public

    Grief - have AT&T's attorneys cunningly set Bill on the road to open source?

    Business 15 09:54

  • New NetWinder owner launches StrongARM-Linux server

    Rebranded rebels bounce back with Office Server

    Business 15 10:33

  • Kingston Technology in big buy back bonanza

    Softbank to sell memory outfit back to founders

    Business 15 10:50

  • AltaVista brings free ISP model to US mainstream

    No call charges, and now no subscription charge

    Business 15 10:55

  • Intel to divide chip, comms lines

    Lan, Wan, thank you man

    Business 15 11:07

  • Euro giants poised to pounce on US mobile outfits

    Our cellular expert returns after a substantial pause (how long's winter in Helsinki anyway, Tero?)

    Business 15 11:09

  • Toshiba denies semicon spin off

    Staffer who mooted it was not toeing company line. Allegedly

    Business 15 11:13

  • FreeServe to offer Microworkz $199 Net access device

    Free ISP's move into hardware next logical step

    Business 15 11:34

  • Big Blue to put millions of $$$ Acer's way

    This time it's for LCD screens

    Business 15 11:36

  • Intel to push bigtime into ADSL

    It's that building block stuff again, we'll be bound

    Business 15 11:45

  • Apple prepares Palm partnership

    iPalm release gets nearer and nearer

    Business 15 11:46

  • Aum! Doomsday outfit starts selling PCs

    Would you Adam and Eve it?

    Business 15 11:47

  • Audiohighway patents MP3 digital music player

    Company sits back and waits for the royalties to flow in

    Business 15 12:00

  • Softbank to dismember Ziff Davis empire

    It's Internet time for the jolly Japanese giant

    Business 15 12:07

  • Plasmon buys chunk of Cygnet Storage

    For $3.65 million...

    Business 15 12:33

  • Apple CFO predicts continued strong growth

    Exec spills the beans

    Business 15 12:45

  • Telewest to make a move on CWC

    NTL also interested after France Telecom cash injection

    Business 15 12:49

  • Man Utd enters free ISP race

    UUNet over the moon after scoring second deal

    Business 15 13:20

  • Freeserve price tag questioned

    Dixons values its ISP above Yahoo! - can this be right?

    Business 15 13:25

  • Free PC for MSN users

    But only in the US and there's no monitor…

    Business 15 14:20

  • Killer monitors – the facts

    We dig beneath the surface and bring you some in-your-face science stuff

    Business 15 15:32

  • Monitor health risk is rubbish

    So says leading monitor industry analyst, and who are we to argue

    Business 15 15:50

  • German site catches MSN running on Unix, Apache

    c't no longer on Redmond Christmas present list shock

    Business 15 16:15

  • One2One price scares off bidders

    Suitors back off leaving way set for a float

    Business 15 17:02

  • NatSemi rolls out Information Appliance chip

    But no FireWire support, yet

    Business 15 17:03