14th July 1999 Archive

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  • Intel's financials fail to excite

    But revenues rise 14 per cent yoy

    Business 14 07:00

  • Merced taped out

    Samples in two months

    Business 14 07:08

  • What the Hell is…Geyserville

    It's an Intel cunning plan, we think...

    Business 14 09:41

  • It's in the paper so it must be true

    You know where you are with a Murdoch rag - ill-informed

    Business 14 09:44

  • SiS intros 128-bit graphics chip

    Supporting environmental bump mapping, dontcha know

    Business 14 10:19

  • ClaraNet users to get free Web calls

    Latest in growing number of ISPs to opt for free calls carrot

    Business 14 10:53

  • Bristol demands $263 million as MS trial goes to jury

    But Caldera still leads in the vast claim stakes

    Business 14 10:58

  • ilion says no thanks to Landis bid offer

    Accuses rival of undervaluing the company

    Business 14 11:01

  • Socket Eight to S370 convertors coming

    And you'll find them in your local Japanese store

    Business 14 11:06

  • Baron Hard-Up alive and kicking & working for CHS


    Business 14 11:08

  • VIA to set up fab venture with TSMC

    Only real men have fabs

    Business 14 11:17

  • Quill pen set to make comeback in channel


    Business 14 11:19

  • Motorola demands help keeping Iridium in orbit

    Issues stern ultimatum to fellow investors

    Business 14 11:30

  • Channel mag claims week-old story to be exclusive


    Business 14 11:35

  • Hard drives for the masses from Fujitsu

    Targets budget PCs and high-power users

    Business 14 11:44

  • UN proposes email tax

    Fees would fund expansion of Net into developing countries

    Business 14 11:46

  • Taxman profits from computer foul-up

    Surplus £20m sloshing around may even help Andersen dodge the flying doo-doo

    Business 14 11:49

  • Chips, phones boost Motorola Q2

    But Iridium still casts a shadow

    Business 14 12:04

  • Datrontech to push Acer notebooks

    SME sector targeted by latest addition to Acer distribution tier

    Business 14 12:05

  • A year ago: Widespread support doubles Rambus profit

    Fortune smiles on company with next year's DRAM technology

    Business 14 12:30

  • Jobs shed as PC Science pared to bone

    150 lose their jobs – announcement of sale expected soon

    Business 14 14:58

  • Lucent highlights laser networking system

    10Gbps throughput set for summer 2000 release

    Business 14 15:10

  • Intel grows up

    Ah, the good old gulag...

    Business 14 15:42

  • Just shut up about the goddamn Internet, willya?

    An ex-Intel geeza speaks out

    Business 14 15:55

  • Beans dished on Compaq-DEC deal by Shannon

    End users are very, very irritated by Big Q's move...

    Business 14 16:09

  • What the Hell is… a tapeout?

    Intel explains its inside plans

    Business 14 16:29

  • E*Trade swoops on Irish firm

    Takes first steps toward setting up international trading group

    Business 14 16:51

  • AMD thoroughly undervalued…

    ...and so is Compaq

    Business 14 19:15

  • Rambus gets dead bullish about results…

    ..and when we say bullish we mean bullish

    Business 14 20:54

  • Apple doubles profits year on year

    But only by flogging ARM shares and selling a few iMacs

    Business 14 22:19

  • AMD Q2 results not too bad but Atiq Raza leaves

    Power struggle ends up with Sanders pyrrhic victor

    Business 14 22:54