13th July 1999 Archive

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  • France Telecom ADSL service starts in November

    But only in Paris - completing the network will take three years

    Business 13 08:20

  • Free Win98 SE update – epilogue

    The crazy saga concludes - and did you know MS will accept any old proof of purchase you care to fax?

    Business 13 08:22

  • UK corporate Web sites crap at responding

    Half are hardly worth the screens they're pixellated on

    Business 13 08:52

  • Pentium III/600 on sale in Japan

    Intel hasn't even confirmed its price or release date yet

    Business 13 09:00

  • Eight way AMD K7 chipset on cards

    It's serious about this market...

    Business 13 09:10

  • Vodafone tipped to buy Mannesmann

    AirTouch deal puts UK mobile giant in strong position

    Business 13 10:07

  • IBM reveals high-speed chip packaging

    Improves performance of Web servers, apparently

    Business 13 10:23

  • Citrix buys ViewSoft

    Merger worth $32 million

    Business 13 10:35

  • Back Orifice plugged

    Data Fellows step in to protect your modesty

    Business 13 10:38

  • Gameplay gets serious about IPO

    Online gamers take aim on £50m valuation

    Business 13 10:43

  • Intergraph Q2 revenues to show $25 million shortfall

    It's all Intel's fault, claims CEO

    Business 13 10:47

  • Teacher found guilty of kiddie Web porn crimes

    Former Tory councillor downloaded over 16,000 pictures

    Business 13 11:08

  • Net ad giants NetGravity, DoubleClick to merge

    Rivals combine to form $5.6 billion company

    Business 13 11:12

  • Apacer to support PC-133

    Another brick in the wall as Rambus player hedges bets

    Business 13 11:41

  • Freeserve debuts Web credit card

    ISP makes move to bolster ecommerce credentials

    Business 13 11:47

  • Toshiba to use Taiwanese firm to make notebooks

    Compal wins big order

    Business 13 11:49

  • Wall Street predicts Intel boost

    Results expected to be just fine and dandy

    Business 13 11:58

  • SCC buys Lantec division from Elcom

    Updated: ETC to merge with Elite

    Business 13 12:39

  • Are your SQL apps street-legal? MS sues over key patent

    A patent used in SQL and Office app development is Timeline's: does MS have sub-licensing rights?

    Business 13 12:59

  • Sony to launch e-money scheme

    Public trials to begin next year

    Business 13 14:51

  • AMD fabs first copper parts, 1GHz Athlon by year end?

    Dresden Fab chief makes confident noises about next generation

    Business 13 15:04

  • Irish eyes are smiling for Sage

    New division launches in Ireland

    Business 13 15:17

  • Linux Store preps Net access appliance

    Open source software to power $199 device

    Business 13 15:34

  • Compel to face tribunal next year

    Ex-IP staff have to wait over a year to secure dismissal hearing

    Business 13 15:34

  • Microsoft & ICL reveal cable plans

    Partnership extends to interactive TV services

    Business 13 17:18