12th July 1999 Archive

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  • Third party K7 mobos peek over parapet

    Ahead of August availability

    Business 12 07:15

  • The Intel roadmap, according to Intel

    What are Internet SIMD extensions when they're at home?

    Business 12 07:25

  • Apple, Swatch to make e-mail watch

    Could this be a cuckoo clock?

    Business 12 07:41

  • Complete Copper in IBM whopper deal

    Ancient Aluminium gets boot

    Business 12 07:52

  • Caldera update: MS condemned by its own emails

    There's a 1916 precedent dealing with corn and starch, appropriately...

    Business 12 08:08

  • Bristol update: MS lawyers muzzle Compaq witness

    Don't answer questions about intimidation - or else

    Business 12 08:25

  • Sharp to launch EPOC communicator next year

    And is the company up to something with the Vikings?

    Business 12 09:12

  • TFT shortage to push notebook prices up

    Production not nearly equal to demand

    Business 12 10:45

  • UK lagging behind Europe on e-commerce

    Most companies only implementing e-mail

    Business 12 10:59

  • LocalTel restricts free Web calls to two hour blocks

    Not quite the unlimited free access that was promised…

    Business 12 11:12

  • 64Mb DRAM prices edging up

    Is there any rhyme or reason in this market?

    Business 12 11:24

  • Web giants team-up to combat legislation

    Shaping the Internet in a non-regulatory sort of way, apparently...

    Business 12 11:41

  • Builder spills beans about AMD fab

    Fab 30 completed, ready to roll high yields

    Business 12 11:45

  • How much is that Freeserve in the window

    UK ISP set for £2 billion price tag after all, woof woof

    Business 12 11:46

  • Memory claims fastest flash controller

    New cards due to debut in Q3

    Business 12 11:56

  • SEMI to survey copper chip whoppers

    Philips Analytical to help it out

    Business 12 12:00

  • SEMI says chip industry on rise

    Nine per cent growth this year, 18 per cent next...

    Business 12 12:11

  • Y2K to bring local authorities to their knees

    UK councils set to lose reputation as bastions of efficiency

    Business 12 12:18

  • Prospro prospers with Intel ASP gong

    Halifax reseller secures second accreditation

    Business 12 12:41

  • US-EU wireless trade war: TDMA group joins in

    And ETSI responds with a haughty snort...

    Business 12 12:53

  • Disney to buy Infoseek

    Great Satan of Cartoons follows up on earlier hints

    Business 12 13:06

  • Teledesic confirms Motorola support

    Fears over Iridium-style mistakes calmed, apparently

    Business 12 13:31

  • Amiga seeks to pacify community over Linux

    QNX plays it calm

    Business 12 13:55

  • IBM has bought Sequent – as expected

    Big Blue blushes pink at $810 million deal

    Business 12 14:22

  • Meta Smalltalk patent spat assumes Merced meaning

    Emulation the key to Intel's needs...

    Business 12 14:42

  • CHS president outlines Trigem deal details

    Denies move toward role of manufacturer will damage core business

    Business 12 14:53

  • Gameboy-based book outsells Stephen King, John Grisham

    This could be a real worry for Intel et al

    Business 12 14:58

  • CHS press conference starts with CAOS


    Business 12 15:17

  • IRA prisoners' details leaked on second-hand PC

    Anyone out there know anything about data-wiping?

    Business 12 15:24

  • C&W gets bullish about UK cable reorgs

    The time for talking is over, cable giant wants some action

    Business 12 15:29

  • Wafer foundries fight back

    It's shortage time, folks

    Business 12 15:36

  • MP3.com upgrades IPO details

    French institutional buyer forces share price hike

    Business 12 15:45

  • Intel, SAP, Cisco to back $13 billion Korean site

    Inchon Airport to be biggest in Asia claim

    Business 12 15:53

  • eBay server falls over again

    Isn't it time someone propped that thing up

    Business 12 16:33