9th July 1999 Archive

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  • Stricken Mitsubishi backs off from Alpha

    It's costing too much, and maybe the direction was wrong

    Business 09 07:24

  • Via June sales zoom by 170 per cent

    There's gold in them thar chipsets

    Business 09 07:29

  • Hashimoto, Phonetel sue raft of IT companies

    First it was IBM, Apple, now it's the rest

    Business 09 07:56

  • World bar MS unites on directory interop

    Reprising the old Vendors Ignoring Microsoft gag looks viable this time around

    Business 09 08:37

  • Key MS schmoozing exec jumps ship for startup

    Not a well-known name, but talent Ballmer can ill afford to lose, this time

    Business 09 08:40

  • MS case totters in Caldera action – $1.77bn damages?

    Tin hats for the attorneys as another blocking attempt falls

    Business 09 08:41

  • Amiga to use Linux rather than QNX kernel

    That's the word on the street

    Business 09 09:38

  • Canadian court rules against spam

    Judges it to be in breach of netiquette

    Business 09 10:25

  • Intel changes Inside plan to squeeze OEMs using competing chips

    Rebates will disappear if non Intel chips used in "family" machines

    Business 09 10:26

  • AMD K7: 700MHz an easy overclock

    And expect an official 750MHz Athlon in Q3 this year

    Business 09 10:37

  • QNX developer pleas for Amiga community support

    Our OS is better than Linux, so stick with us, company demands

    Business 09 10:57

  • Maxdata monitors progress into France

    Pushes to top of UK market, launches TFTs and heads for France -– busy, busy, busy

    Business 09 11:16

  • Iomega lays siege to Castlewood in patent clash

    But whose IP is it anyway?

    Business 09 11:16

  • Big Blue names Taiwan firm as major DRAM OEM

    Part of its continuing exit strategy

    Business 09 11:17

  • Search engines stink, and they're getting worse

    An academic report finds them all sadly wanting

    Business 09 11:21

  • China says no to Pentium III, chip IDs and Win98

    Barrett and Gates tools of US hegemonic ambitions, domestic chip industry to be boosted instead

    Business 09 11:22

  • Get paid to be spammed

    If you can't avoid spam, why not earn some money off it?

    Business 09 11:25

  • Toshiba staffer punts semicon sell-off

    Is Tosh going to do a Siemens?

    Business 09 11:37

  • Arrow backs Virtual Chip Exchange worldwide

    Puts money into Web sales

    Business 09 11:39

  • Sage gets wrist slapped by ASA

    Watchdog finds IT companies exaggerating claims. Surely not...

    Business 09 11:59

  • Startup to open source 3D Web technology

    GEL set to compete with rival's DirectX-based technology

    Business 09 12:38

  • European Web CD stores merge

    Bulking up for IPO

    Business 09 12:50

  • Intel's IA64 EPIC like a snake swallowing a hamster

    What's good for a goose may make a gander choke

    Business 09 14:51

  • Intel's IA64 EPIC like a snake swallowing a hamster

    What's good for a goose may make a gander choke

    Business 09 14:51

  • Buyer for defunct PC Science?

    Key customer sparks speculation

    Business 09 14:54

  • Godzilla becomes code name

    It can't be long before someone tries Chipzilla

    Business 09 15:03

  • Maxwell Bros have Viking Hat

    Now why is that twin thing a runnin?

    Business 09 15:05

  • Fujitsu spins off Nifty Web stuff

    Infoweb to merge with Nifty Serve

    Business 09 15:13

  • Coppers go online to talk to ‘the kids’

    Yet again we see how out of touch these people are

    Business 09 15:18

  • ZDNet starts buying thangs

    It's bought an electronic software distie/dl site, gorbless it

    Business 09 15:19

  • Brokers challenged to spank the monkey

    Wall St chimp makes chump of investors

    Business 09 15:32

  • Disk drive market on the up

    But don't expect prices to follow suit

    Business 09 15:40

  • C2000 wins MS OEM gong

    Sets sights on becoming big noise in systems builder market

    Business 09 15:47

  • Time capsule to be buried on Web

    Al Gore wants to leave a little something behind him

    Business 09 15:52

  • Taiwan OEMs under pressure

    Cut costs and improve services – or else

    Business 09 16:01

  • Rich people more likely to use Web, shock

    Latest in line of surveys states the obvious

    Business 09 16:24

  • Pink pound flexes muscle online

    We're playing this one straight – honest

    Business 09 16:42

  • Bangemann bang to rights

    EU Commissioner describes Olivetti fraudster as friend

    Business 09 22:02