8th July 1999 Archive

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  • Success expected for Be IPO

    Small but perfectly financed?

    Business 08 08:40

  • Why is MS software so bloated? MS developer asks

    The Register says: because you need to obsolete PCs every 2-3 years...

    Business 08 08:41

  • Giz a job, giz a virus

    Email CVs give companies the virtual clap

    Business 08 09:33

  • GMT chief slams BA Y2K stunt

    Flight of fancy, he says

    Business 08 09:39

  • CPUGate: the details

    Don't forget, the US Commerce Dept denies it all

    Business 08 10:13

  • Merced: the case for the defence

    Executing instructions in order is OK, reader says

    Business 08 10:19

  • Net bigwigs team up to push IP 6

    IPv6 Forum heralds the New Internet, where everyone has an IP address of their very own

    Business 08 10:24

  • Future encrypted chips could handcuff end users

    Cyber Rights group demands public scrutiny

    Business 08 10:45

  • Coach party set to picket LocalTel

    Telco behind Screaming.Net gets blasted by unhappy customers

    Business 08 10:46

  • ATI Q3 sales up 65 per cent

    Watch out though, ATI -- S3 and 3dfx are on your case

    Business 08 10:51

  • IETF drafts near-final HTTP 1.1 spec

    Standards body catches up with what Web servers have been doing for ages

    Business 08 11:16

  • Apple ships Linux-enabled QuickTime Server

    Open source community speeds Mac maker's 'QuickTime as standard' drive

    Business 08 11:43

  • Receivers go into PC Science

    Catalogue of complaints and problems end in misery

    Business 08 11:58

  • Net out to get us, delusional psychotics claim

    They're coming to take me away, ho ho -- they're coming to take me away...

    Business 08 12:03

  • Ziff family ordered to pay $55.4m damages to PC Mag founder

    Reneged on deal

    Business 08 12:07

  • More on VNU's take over of CMP London


    Business 08 12:28

  • UK's Dixons plans £200 Web (non-MS?) PC

    Kalms says stripping out the expensive software - farewell, Windows?

    Business 08 12:31

  • Publish and be damned – Register style


    Business 08 12:32

  • iToaster BeOS box sells at $20 a month for Web and PC

    Another one of those no-MS Web beasts comes onto the market next week

    Business 08 12:59

  • Those Silicon.com rumours


    Business 08 13:05

  • Yahoo!, Broadcast.com beat expectations

    Good news for shareholders as merger vote nears

    Business 08 13:57

  • Male teleworkers do it all over the place

    Study reveals men have greater flexibility where work is concerned

    Business 08 14:09

  • Oz mini-OS to run Win32 .EXEs out of the box

    Unless Microsoft gets stroppy about intellectual property

    Business 08 14:30

  • The Register teams up with IT-analysis

    Latest pub from Bloor Research stable

    Business 08 14:42

  • Bus-load of complainants to meet LocalTel MD

    King Canute of the telco industry aims to turn tide of unhappy users

    Business 08 16:03

  • System builders fear Intel's wrath as K7 launches

    Loyalty to Satan stronger in some quarters than you might think

    Business 08 16:04

  • Hackers score another victory at Freeserve

    Holes still evident despite assurances

    Business 08 16:05

  • Will Rambus fail?

    ...it can't, it can't but the question is irrelevant

    Business 08 16:06

  • Embattled LocalTel takes swipe at BT

    Under siege from disgruntled users, telco wants compensation

    Business 08 16:07

  • Brave faces all round at ilion

    Trading looking good for first six months

    Business 08 16:08

  • NatSemi pre-announces IA on a chip pre-maturely

    The Gruardian should read The Registerr

    Business 08 16:20

  • Blind people struggle to use the Web

    Not as daft as it sounds - call goes out for greater awareness

    Business 08 17:02

  • Back Orifice 2000 shows its face

    Virus will probe your hidden depths and expose you to a watching world

    Business 08 17:15

  • Victims of software piracy join forces

    New body aims to force through legal changes

    Business 08 17:19

  • Mitac to start selling online

    Knee-jerk reaction to Compaq cuts

    Business 08 20:57