7th July 1999 Archive

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  • Intel cowboy talks to Intel cowboy

    Hamidi horseplay gets Chipzilla's goat

    Business 07 08:34

  • Compaq demands 15 per cent cuts from component makers

    Hires Q-Run to produce 200,000 sub-$499 boxes a month

    Business 07 08:44

  • Acer wins massive Dell deal

    Worth a cool $1 billion, and IBM in frame too

    Business 07 08:50

  • Exclusive: We reveal Gateway exec's secret MS evidence

    You could call it von Holle's 'white' deposition...

    Business 07 08:50

  • TSMC chairman spells out chip futures

    Claims Taiwan will be third biggest semi generator in few years

    Business 07 09:04

  • Chip sales grew in May, trade body said

    Worldwide market recovering, but Europe down

    Business 07 09:24

  • AMD flogs off chipmaking kit

    Want a wafer scrubber or a stripper? AMD's got one or two

    Business 07 09:39

  • Football more popular than sex, Novell claims

    Yet another dodgy survey from Provo, Utah company

    Business 07 09:47

  • Hackers convention rolls into Vegas

    They'll be shooting craps no doubt

    Business 07 10:29

  • Restructure for JBA as legal case looms

    Sheds jobs and contracts as customer files $18m lawsuit

    Business 07 10:36

  • IBM sells Dominion share to partner Tosh

    Big Blue begins DRAM manufacturing exit strategy

    Business 07 10:41

  • Infineon pegged for October IPO

    Siemens' semicon division to go public once full-year results are in

    Business 07 11:14

  • Freeserve claims phone charges are irrelevant

    Has the UK's No 1 ISP gone mad?

    Business 07 11:24

  • Secret trial evidence II – how MS brought Gateway to heel

    Remove IE and lose Windows licence threat

    Business 07 11:28

  • Secret evidence III: 'give in or we'll audit you' – MS

    The evidence begins to move beyond the anodyne

    Business 07 11:47

  • MS UK Win98 SE free offer not very free really

    Ms denies PR stunt, picks up tab for some users, apparently

    Business 07 12:06

  • Secret evidence IV: the ‘MS Product Leverage Model’

    Almost all of what Gateway wants to keep quiet about

    Business 07 12:09

  • IBM-Compaq in Alpha copper fever talks

    And so it might come to pass

    Business 07 12:22

  • Pledge to create 3000 jobs from Dixons

    Strong results will help continued growth, retailer says

    Business 07 12:27

  • Toshiba back-tracks on anti-Linux stance

    Japanese notebook specialist opens Linux-oriented Web site

    Business 07 12:35

  • Free round the clock Web access is here

    Well, it's actually in Germany but it is getting closer

    Business 07 12:39

  • ARM confirms it's talking to TI and others…

    Board "notes" the share movements

    Business 07 12:44

  • Optimisers not optimistic about Merced

    That old load latency has it in its spell...

    Business 07 13:03

  • Intel-NatSemi war looms over VIA, PC133

    We mentioned legal salvoes last week - here they come

    Business 07 15:04

  • CPUGate: US citizen issues writ against US Commerce Dept

    It's all about supercomputers, it seems and IBM, Sun and Compaq implicated

    Business 07 15:30

  • Win98 free update part 99 – it was possible, once

    Rather than writing this story over and over again, next time I'm coming back as a cockroach...

    Business 07 15:32

  • Intel's chequered background to Merced emerges

    Why should anyone expect it to work, is plaintive plea

    Business 07 15:38

  • Infineon IPO to fund US Net acquisitions

    Siemens to move into e-commerce after flogging off chip company

    Business 07 15:39

  • Spam investigated by MS pirate catchers

    Cut price Office 97 too good to be true

    Business 07 15:51