6th July 1999 Archive

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  • Fibre channels incompatible, HDD company claims

    Corporations will find difficulties connecting everything

    Business 06 05:56

  • Internet set to bring down society

    Daily Mail gets all reactionary about technology -- must have been a quiet news day

    Business 06 08:54

  • Cyrix has real chance now…

    ...once it's freed from its NatSemi shackles

    Business 06 09:26

  • AMD tilts to PC133 – 1Ghz Athlon, SMP by 2000

    Company spinmeister speaks out guardedly

    Business 06 09:41

  • Rise processor has FP problem

    But next parts with higher clock speeds may fix it

    Business 06 10:12

  • MS to turn IE Favourites into giant Data Mountain

    Wrap up warm before you head for the summit, folks, and watch out for the parrot...

    Business 06 10:19

  • ITU says ‘yes’ to ADSL

    Now it's an official standard

    Business 06 10:23

  • LocalTel ups the Tempo for Screaming.Net

    Beefs up service in response to user criticisms

    Business 06 10:31

  • Still no 0800 decision – AOL

    Couldn't find its AOL with both hands behind its back

    Business 06 10:38

  • Credit card-less Net payment scheme to go global

    NetCharger to roll out in 40 countries worldwide

    Business 06 10:44

  • Taiwanese mobo makers up in arms over 810

    SiS picking up business

    Business 06 10:59

  • Musicmaker.com readies $420 million IPO

    EMI's favourite online music company comes to market

    Business 06 11:10

  • How to get a parasite out of your socks

    You use software tweezers

    Business 06 11:12

  • Heavy Metal headbangers play virtual guitar on the Net

    Music for the Deaf

    Business 06 12:34

  • EU ‘undermines’ Web commerce

    Consumer activists at loggerheads with Internet industry

    Business 06 13:22

  • AOL strikes Euro DSL satellite provision deal

    With a German outfit - but we can't help noticing the footprint covers Europe

    Business 06 13:33

  • Oftel urged to postpone number change

    MPs hit out at mismanagement of UK's phone numbers

    Business 06 13:40

  • Small firms must be helped online, Parliament says

    It's up to the government to lead the way - gawd help us all

    Business 06 13:42

  • Watchdog bites into BT monopoly

    It's time to unbundle that local loop

    Business 06 13:44

  • Alien Life Form found on Seti site

    But the search for intelligent life in Birmingham continues

    Business 06 13:46

  • MS UK extends free Win98 SE upgrade to OEM PCs

    Now will somebody tell the call centre grunts about this?

    Business 06 13:55

  • World Bank bans Case Technology

    Former Anite division faces allegations of corruption

    Business 06 16:35

  • Cash back from Compaq

    Aims to avoid pre-Y2K slump with trade-in offer

    Business 06 16:37

  • MS and the ASP business – Maritz memory fails again

    The lad seems to have entirely forgotten the strategy MS has been developing all this year...

    Business 06 16:55

  • Biometric ATM debuted by NCR

    You tell it how much cash you want - it laughs in your face

    Business 06 17:54

  • BA tells Y2K bug to take flying jump

    Hacks dismiss publicity stunt as, err, publicity stunt

    Business 06 18:45

  • Micron says it has no problems with memories, whatever

    Fabs still operating, says company

    Business 06 20:26

  • Apple's ISP plan may hit the mark

    Will Apple's second attempt to get eWorld right succeed this time?

    Business 06 22:55