5th July 1999 Archive

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  • Intel turns Pentium III/600 price screw on AMD K7

    Will introduce 600MHz PIII cheaper, introduce Celeron 500 earlier

    Business 05 05:23

  • Loss hit AMD renegotiates loan terms

    But it's just a precautionary measure, says company

    Business 05 05:42

  • Europe hit by re-marked Intel chips

    Crooks nicked in Hong Kong

    Business 05 05:54

  • Intel, Sun, HP to aid $1 billion investment in Hong Kong

    Intent is to create Silicon Harbour

    Business 05 06:06

  • CompaQ rejigs Europe

    And...in other news...

    Business 05 07:16

  • Intel joins Japanese in appliance memory alliance

    Another one of those industry standard things seems to be forming...

    Business 05 08:57

  • Dissent at MS over trial? Nope, PR spin…

    Have those spinmeisters been planting stories again?

    Business 05 09:18

  • VNU buys CMP UK and France: nightmare scenario realised


    Business 05 09:34

  • VNU buys CMP UK and France: nightmare scenario realised


    Business 05 09:34

  • Intel share price ramping up

    Steady boys, steady

    Business 05 09:57

  • Y2K bug eats into VC deals

    Investments will be held over to avoid impact of date change

    Business 05 10:56

  • Compaq, IBM converge on anti-MS stand

    Corporations can spend more on projects that way

    Business 05 11:10

  • Nescafe navigation – inside world's biggest cybercafe

    Starbucks - bid for the next concession, please

    Business 05 11:32

  • AMD stands firm on Athlon K7 pricing

    Intel price fork doesn't frighten them yet

    Business 05 11:37

  • Copyright climb down at Yahoo!

    Now it's saying it doesn't own contribs' work after all

    Business 05 11:54

  • Taiwanese monitor makers set to withdraw from UK market

    Wales, Scotland, and England suffer

    Business 05 12:23

  • Cadence, TSMC team up on system-on-chip toolkit

    They'll SOC it and see, fnar

    Business 05 12:35

  • Intel pulls plugs on plans for Kahneeta PC

    Philippe's daughter? No, we hadn't heard of it either. Quiet funeral, evidently...

    Business 05 12:54

  • Motorola sells two Asia Pacific IC plants

    Advanced Semiconductor Engineering named as buyer

    Business 05 13:18

  • Credit card details published on Web after hack attack

    Suspicion aimed at former employees after dormant site's security is busted

    Business 05 13:31

  • QXL plans UK's second biggest Web float

    Hopes to cash in on Internet stock bonanza

    Business 05 13:32

  • Web flotation will be absolutely fabulous, sweetie

    Former PR man has serious ambitions for Funmail

    Business 05 13:33

  • Morgan leaves C2000 to join Datrontech

    New position created to focus on SMEs

    Business 05 13:34

  • Lucent sues Micron, expects counter suit

    Bickering over alleged patent infringements continues

    Business 05 13:35

  • C&W buys INS

    So that explains the Networks Telecom no-show

    Business 05 13:37

  • Samsung to sell through Microtronica

    Hard drive to push hard drives

    Business 05 14:43

  • Scots bank debuts ISP package

    And it's free – so no tight-fisted Scots jokes please

    Business 05 14:51

  • Watchdog to rule on local loop competition

    Is the free market to have its day, or will Oftel make dog's breakfast of it?

    Business 05 15:01

  • UK Asian Web foundation heads for float

    Community service looks to raise £800,000

    Business 05 15:21

  • Doubts emerge over Intel chip tracking

    ...because Intel admitted earlier this year it tracked everything.

    Business 05 15:35

  • July the Fourth? We Scots say Pah! Humbug

    The inglorious 12th interests us...

    Business 05 16:12