4th July 1999 Archive

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  • Secret CompaQ memo shows depth of Unix commitment

    Company to plough money into Alpha and Linux too

    Business 04 07:53

  • Cyrix-Via shrinks socket seven die on M2-400

    But, mysteriously, number of pins goes up

    Business 04 08:44

  • AMD Athlon K7s go retail in Japan RSN

    Rest of world+dog will just have to wait

    Business 04 08:45

  • PC133 delivers ‘awesome stability’

    BX Boards puts the technology to the test

    Business 04 09:49

  • MS COO explains racist slur in its software

    It's sort of inadvertent racism by juxtaposition, you might say

    Business 04 14:34

  • MS paid economist witnesses' company $6m in 18 months

    Bristol trial reveals NERA's substantial Microdollar pile

    Business 04 14:43

  • MS denounced by ZDnet readers – is it a Linux hit team?

    Right now it looks like nobody believes MS any more - come on you Windows fans, retaliate!

    Business 04 14:55

  • MS roadmap for next Win9x and consumer NT leaks out

    And hopelessly over-optimistic it looks to us, too...

    Business 04 15:01

  • Curious synergy exists between Intel and AMD Athlon Web sites

    In fact, they look almost identical

    Business 04 17:46

  • Roll-up for the Amazing Micron DRAM inventory fire sale

    ...major PC OEMs only need apply

    Business 04 20:43