2nd July 1999 Archive

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  • Microsoft, AOL giving users free PCs

    The trouble with MS special offers is that there's always a long-term Bill attached...

    Business 02 07:15

  • Apple sues Koreans over iMac knock-off

    Back to those halcyon days when Apple busted anything that moved...

    Business 02 07:17

  • IPO bags AskJeeves a tidy sum

    Float sees shares jump 364 per cent - good egg

    Business 02 09:06

  • SK scraps CPU tax

    PC sales stimulant

    Business 02 09:17

  • Blue Macs – IBM decides on merit

    Crazy? It ain't necessarily so

    Business 02 09:20

  • DRAM prices keep on falling

    What would Nostradamus have to say about that?

    Business 02 09:47

  • Thomas the Tank Engine in porn mix-up

    Rhyming slang to blame - what would Dick van Dyke have to say about this?

    Business 02 12:07

  • System builders form new alliance

    US body aims to improve communications with component makers

    Business 02 12:30

  • NEC debuts NT graphics accelerator

    Claims new baby is industry's fastest

    Business 02 13:09

  • No PC slowdown, says Dell

    He's not reading from the same script as the CompaQ Three, evidently

    Business 02 13:43

  • Computacenter beats off BT challenge

    Might even make a profit this time

    Business 02 13:54

  • Happy birthday to the notebook PC

    Ten years old - my, haven't you grown, err.. smaller

    Business 02 14:02

  • Toshiba touts for Web business

    Wants to keep resellers sweet

    Business 02 14:11

  • PCs over the Web from Toshiba

    Says it will involve the channel in ecommerce initiative

    Business 02 14:12

  • SGI still not for sale, shock

    Our Graham sticks his neck out

    Business 02 14:27

  • There's one born every four seconds

    Mobile phone owners, that is

    Business 02 14:43

  • Murdoch loves Web. True

    What made him change his mind?

    Business 02 15:00

  • PC give-away from CompUSA

    No such thing as a free lunch, nor a free PC it seems

    Business 02 15:09

  • Orange debuts Wirefree data service

    Third gen services to run on second gen network

    Business 02 15:17

  • Network Associates teams up with Nostradamus

    Our man Tim Richardson witnesses the world end and he's not happy about it

    Business 02 15:58

  • Quantum slaps OEM customers, chins Seagate

    And you thought storage was dull...

    Business 02 20:12