1st July 1999 Archive

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  • The Register is five years old

    Explains a lot...

    Business 01 05:59

  • FIC goes to Red China

    Mobos jump across narrow strait

    Business 01 06:26

  • Via bares teeth at Intel

    Will fight litigation with all its might

    Business 01 06:44

  • PlayStation III to support SAP R/3?

    Quake, you mighty chip companies, quake

    Business 01 06:52

  • AMD walks fab funding tightrope

    If it couldn't have changed its lending terms, it would have to have offered stock

    Business 01 07:11

  • Intel to slash Pentium III 500MHz price in reaction to AMD K7 wins

    It's that good old price fork in play

    Business 01 07:22

  • Intel's Barrett acknowledges Merced late

    Samples due sometime. Real soon now acquires new meaning

    Business 01 07:36

  • SGI up for grabs? Not likely…

    Shiny military contracts and general feel-good make it look viable on its own

    Business 01 07:55

  • Staff waste company money surfing all day

    Don't let your boss catch you reading this one

    Business 01 09:27

  • MS releases Linux FrontPage software

    Ah, but it's not the app, it's a tipping of the hat to Apache

    Business 01 09:50

  • Feds investigate MS over accounting ‘irregularities’

    Whistleblower court case comes back to haunt company

    Business 01 10:03

  • Copyright carve-up denied by Yahoo!

    Is it snatching contributors' rights? Read it for yourself

    Business 01 10:07

  • Motorola to spin off two factories

    Advanced Semiconductor Engineering bags them

    Business 01 10:11

  • Battle resumes between HP and Xerox

    Breach of contract alleged in latest printer ding dong

    Business 01 11:13

  • Alpha Processor strikes Linux deal

    Partnership with Linux hardware specialist to counter OS' Intel-only perception

    Business 01 11:32

  • Hyundai-LG Semicon merger gets EU, US go-ahead

    No antitrust issues

    Business 01 11:35

  • What tickles your thigh and has two sausage-like appendages?

    A new kind of mouse mat that sits on your lap, of course

    Business 01 12:08

  • Porn ruling raises UK law over Net freedom

    It doesn't matter where your server is, if you post from the UK, you're answerable to UK law

    Business 01 12:23

  • Girls on top in UK Web survey

    Chatrooms are dominated by young women, study finds

    Business 01 12:31

  • Tomorrow's World show gets the bird

    Struts his funky stuff round the press office

    Business 01 12:41

  • 3Com names new Palm president

    Senior VP for 3Com customer service, Alan Kessler, to replace Robin Abrams

    Business 01 12:44

  • Pigeon-watch – the latest on the trapped bird

    Our man from Vulture Central keeps his beady eye on Stooly the sky rat

    Business 01 12:56

  • S3 delivers profits boast

    Analysts get it wrong

    Business 01 13:20

  • Amiga boss hints at Java-style technology

    AmigaObjects to deliver original Java goal: convergence

    Business 01 13:32

  • Computacenter snaps up RD Trading

    Datrontech sells recycling business - time to scale down?

    Business 01 13:50

  • Big Blue demos the PC-less PC

    Now you can access the Web anytime, anyplace, anywhere

    Business 01 14:08

  • IBM wows show with wearable PC

    Schoolkids flock to don muggable, sorry wearable device

    Business 01 14:12

  • SGI – expect announcement later today

    Story has legs and the legs are running two to the dozen

    Business 01 14:18

  • Housey housey! It's BINGO.COM

    International gambling is quite the thing

    Business 01 14:34

  • Consultants impose further tolls at HP

    This time it's the semiconductor test based biz

    Business 01 14:45

  • CompaQ gets all serious about Linux

    But Tru64 Unix a better bet, Q execs say

    Business 01 14:58

  • Nanochip promises single chip mass storage by year-end

    Suit complains but suit didn't tell us

    Business 01 15:15

  • Eckhard Pfeiffer brain behind GM Soya?

    Or should it be Soyo?

    Business 01 15:30

  • Old MacPSINet had a farm

    I/O, I/O, I/O…

    Business 01 15:56

  • Talking toilets – whatever next

    Device aimed at helping children of all ages with their numbers one and two

    Business 01 16:09

  • Gaydar inventors tune into local wildlife

    Gadget transmits unwanted signals to badgers and squirrels

    Business 01 16:12

  • Is the Web full of female impersonators?

    If women like them, like men like those, then why don't women like me…

    Business 01 16:13

  • Site helps kids assess the Web's usefulness

    Ah yes, but how useful is said site, we wonder

    Business 01 16:16

  • Apple G4 box slips to May 2000

    Is the the Mac, the CPU or both that's delayed?

    Business 01 16:22