30th June 1999 Archive

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  • Net-only dealer sets out Euro-stall

    In France, opening in the UK and Germany

    Business 30 06:22

  • Seagate in sales doldrums

    Soft business for hard drives

    Business 30 06:27

  • Gates, Barrett to speak to world+dog today

    Can we expect an announcement that Merced samples are shipping?

    Business 30 07:07

  • Mobo makers wavering over Intel-Via lawsuit

    But Via-UMC deal may allow them to snap up Cyrix

    Business 30 07:27

  • Hardware site petitions Intel over SMP Celerons

    Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it...

    Business 30 07:27

  • Intel goes hardcore with Xeon

    Company predicts 8-way systems by end of the year

    Business 30 08:20

  • Will IBM buy Sequent, will Compaq use Merced?

    Birmingham, England, offers clues....

    Business 30 08:50

  • Via buys Cyrix

    Will continue to develop and market Cyrix chips

    Business 30 08:58

  • Apple limits own iMac sales to boost channel

    First fix your inventory then fix your channel

    Business 30 09:36

  • Benchmark battles – now Linux beats NT

    A 'real life scenario' test by c't mag does a good job of putting things in context

    Business 30 09:56

  • Naked Apple Palm PDA seen on Web

    Newt-o-palm prototype revealed?

    Business 30 10:22

  • Win98 SP1 now out for download – in parts

    Are the morlocks having trouble integrating it into one big pile, then?

    Business 30 10:52

  • Packard Bell to lay off 200 staff

    Desperate dash back to profitability continues

    Business 30 11:14

  • Penguin hits out at ‘artificial’ Linux benchmarks

    But in that case, maybe Penguin shouldn't have attended them...

    Business 30 11:47

  • Analyst claims Apple ‘iBook’ to launch 21 July

    Saloman Smith Barney man's predictions follow Register's own

    Business 30 11:47

  • Motorola takeover rumour propels Proxim stock

    Shares just miss 52-week high

    Business 30 11:47

  • Charities profit from pirates' ill-gotten gains

    Microsoft giving 'til it hurts

    Business 30 11:54

  • Control Data to be snapped up by BT

    Updated: US reseller to form part of Syntegra

    Business 30 11:58

  • Judge denies first MS motions in Caldera case

    Caldera CEO optimistic of complete victory

    Business 30 12:05

  • Freeserve escapes bug threat

    Hole in IIS lets hackers slip through

    Business 30 12:16

  • French telco intros free Web calls

    Limited service from France Telecom as free calls movement begins to snowball

    Business 30 12:19

  • Parliamentary Web group with no site

    Efforts to improve UK digital economy get two cheers

    Business 30 12:23

  • Compaq ekes out more domain names

    The new ones make a change from things with Nonstopinfront

    Business 30 13:53

  • Move to 12-inch wafers likely slow

    Dataquest warns transition could take quite some while

    Business 30 14:12

  • Barrett takes Merced date to the last day of June

    It will tape out today, he will insist

    Business 30 14:18

  • Via-Cyrix deal all about patents

    The mystery is in the history

    Business 30 14:44

  • Yahoo! hijacks its users' content

    It's all a load of TOS

    Business 30 15:19

  • Bets on in HP-Compaq race

    Runners and riders declared

    Business 30 15:24

  • AOL forges deal with eMachines

    Alliance to promote Compu$erve, paves way for AOL-brand Net appliance

    Business 30 15:28

  • Pirates relax as MS man changes job

    Anti-piracy man sets his sights on improved press coverage

    Business 30 15:31

  • W3C ratifies XML spec

    Get ready for the real e-commerce revolution...

    Business 30 15:52

  • Woman hacks into husband’s PC – literally

    Computer rage? You ain't seen nothing yet

    Business 30 15:59

  • Oftel spurns calls for Net regulations

    Consumers are getting the service they want, apparently

    Business 30 16:14

  • MS in frame in 4m user ‘racism’ class action bid

    Has someone been monkeying with MS Publisher?

    Business 30 18:15