29th June 1999 Archive

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  • Is it a bra, or an anti-mugging device?

    Storm in a B-cup

    Business 29 05:45

  • Daewoo pumps up PC production in Europe

    Gets by, with a little help from its affiliates

    Business 29 06:12

  • Final MS witness sinks slowly, boringly

    The gold-plated MIT economist don't give good rebuttal

    Business 29 08:05

  • Linux, open source baffles MS witness

    Is it easy, is it hard? Confused by that, too...

    Business 29 08:13

  • AMD pitches 3DNow at embedded market

    The all-singing, all-dancing router is almost upon us...

    Business 29 09:46

  • MS browser stats based on dud data

    Six million, plus or minus two million? Oh dear...

    Business 29 09:47

  • Moonlighting witnesses should resign their posts

    They've probably got enough money to found their own colleges by now, anyway

    Business 29 09:51

  • Teenage hacker cracks CurrantBun

    We speak to the perp, and he ain't no schoolboy

    Business 29 09:54

  • Samsung unveils 1 Gigabit DRAM

    Part based on 0.13 micron process

    Business 29 11:25

  • IEEE finally ratifies 1000Base-T

    Chips to make it work here at last

    Business 29 11:26

  • I did it to show off, says hacker

    In an exclusive interview, the CurrantBun hacker tells of his motivation

    Business 29 11:28

  • Creative Labs to dump S3

    Vendors part ways over S3's Diamond Multimedia buyout

    Business 29 11:28

  • Merced silicon unlikely to arrive until Q3, Q4

    Architectural teams and similar difficulties the reason

    Business 29 11:28

  • Big Blue wins contract with God

    Vatican to use Netfinity infrastructure

    Business 29 11:33

  • How DoJ is slowly extracting MS' secret documents

    Little by little, they're coming into the public domain

    Business 29 11:36

  • SDMI drafts digital music plans

    Portable Device Spec. goes beta -- final version due 7 July

    Business 29 11:40

  • Via buying Cyrix in bid to save PC133 from Intel?

    Cross-licence deals, crossed wires, cross Chipzillas?

    Business 29 11:40

  • MS gives Win98 SE update away for free – in the UK

    Hilarity this side of the pond, as MS US continues to charge $19.95

    Business 29 11:45

  • Email tax a ‘hoax’ claims US Postal Service

    It wouldn't say no to a 'five cents an email' fee, though

    Business 29 12:05

  • Ciscom employee fined £1000 for abusive email

    Holds on to his job despite guilty verdict

    Business 29 12:28

  • Free PC spam offer mystery

    Pyramid sales scheme with as many unanswered questions as a mummy's tomb

    Business 29 12:37

  • So how much does an MS star witness cost – $1m?

    But remember he's not bought - just retained

    Business 29 13:28

  • Intel to sell own-brand Xeon servers via ISPs

    But as this is gear the customer doesn't ever get to touch, the badge doesn't matter, right?

    Business 29 14:03

  • Silicon Spice, home of Pentium design chief, breaks cover

    But only a little bit. Now we know it's SOC with a high gate count

    Business 29 14:28

  • Shareholders blast BT over misleading offer

    Plan Unlimited? Plan Very Limited more like

    Business 29 14:30

  • Going ULL for leather

    Local loop unbundling - not as dull as you might think

    Business 29 15:35

  • Which? scheme has channel's Dabs all over it

    Movement to boost consumer confidence gathers more members

    Business 29 15:37

  • Compaq flogs AltaVista for $2.3 billion

    Lycos investor steps in to claim lion's share as IPO plans become a distant memory

    Business 29 16:30

  • UK gov admits it lags behind on Web

    Cannot keep pace with the rate of change, minister says

    Business 29 17:37

  • NCD boosts reseller programme

    Extra tiers expand range of services available to channel

    Business 29 17:41