28th June 1999 Archive

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  • Taipei launches CPU project

    So what happened?

    Business 28 Jun 07:02

  • Merced… kinda dead? Or kinder dead?

    Big Cartridge dragging itself along like a Frankenstein figure..

    Business 28 Jun 07:21

  • Intel Twister set to wreak PC havoc

    It's bigger than a cat amongst the pigeons

    Business 28 Jun 07:51

  • Intel could nip dual-Celeron move in bud

    Reports say chip giant doesn't like the idea

    Business 28 Jun 08:10

  • Intel nobbles AMD in consumer market

    Market research shows AMD share cut back

    Business 28 Jun 08:21

  • Client server is dead, says Oracle chief

    The Web is the future, for now at least

    Business 28 Jun 11:08

  • Anger as BT bins ADSL plans

    Industry veteran hits out at telco's attitude

    Business 28 Jun 11:27

  • Retail bonanza with Freeserve float

    The gravy train calls in at freeserve.net

    Business 28 Jun 11:32

  • So how many readers has Freeserve got?

    Not as many as AOL-Compuserve

    Business 28 Jun 11:34

  • Web will spawn genuine global economy

    Oracle's Ellison sees a world where information flows freely –- and so does the business

    Business 28 Jun 11:43

  • Iomega hives off SyQuest inventory

    Hands on responsibility for media manufacture, customer support to PCS

    Business 28 Jun 11:46

  • Dixons signs arms length treaty with Freeserve

    Decision-Independence Day

    Business 28 Jun 11:53

  • Acer sells more assets to boost liquidity

    Or does it just want to buy Cyrix?

    Business 28 Jun 12:08

  • Consumer protection body sends out virus email

    Ducks responsibility as infection spreads across globe

    Business 28 Jun 12:09

  • Windows to block violent, adult games

    Microsoft unveils software equivalent to 'V chip'

    Business 28 Jun 12:09

  • Energis Freeserve reward less than expected

    Dixons drives hard bargain

    Business 28 Jun 12:11

  • CodeWarrior IDE to support SuSE Linux

    Metrowerks attempts to bypass 'Red Hat doesn't equal Linux' flack

    Business 28 Jun 12:44

  • PCI-X addendum released

    Spec likely to arrive by Q3

    Business 28 Jun 14:14

  • Micron DRAM sub packs bags in move to Scotland

    Celebrates with special offer

    Business 28 Jun 15:05

  • Avnet snaps up rival

    Creates new giant for the chips 'n' bits channel

    Business 28 Jun 15:06

  • Sold! Dell refurbs to the highest bidder

    E-commerce, secondhand-style

    Business 28 Jun 15:29

  • ISPA gives UK gov't thumbs down

    Interception plans will put smaller ISPs out of business

    Business 28 Jun 15:37

  • Trigem, CHS team up on Euro PCs

    The PC Way to cost around £300

    Business 28 Jun 15:57

  • Kids, cancer and mobile phones…

    This story's got the lot

    Business 28 Jun 16:00

  • Intel to sell own brand PCs within six months?

    Makes perfect sense to us

    Business 28 Jun 17:34