27th June 1999 Archive

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  • Strange AMD litigation pops up from nowhere

    Files suit in California against Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines?

    Business 27 11:02

  • API publishes Alpha Slot B benchmarketing

    Claims it trashes and thrashes the Intel Xeon

    Business 27 11:18

  • Compaq, Winbook sued for patent infringement

    Chem USA named in case

    Business 27 11:32

  • Intel busts Via over PC133 – this time it's personal

    Skidmarks between Intel legal dept and San Jose as Chipzilla plays favourites with ALi

    Business 27 14:49

  • Linux loses in NT tests – Mindcraft numbers still wrong?

    Probably 'differences in the testbeds used,' PC Week Labs coyly comments

    Business 27 15:50

  • Corel compensated over unfair MS Office contract

    But MS Office got the contract anyway, so who won?

    Business 27 16:36

  • AMD posts K7 benchmarks against PIII

    Athlon a Speedy Gonzales

    Business 27 19:04

  • Games sites push 3DNow support

    Backed by AMD...

    Business 27 19:14