24th June 1999 Archive

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  • Dell takes its toll on Compaq

    Claims to be cherry-picking Compaq corporate customers

    Business 24 07:28

  • AMD issues severe losses warning….

    ...as prices of Athlon emerge

    Business 24 08:02

  • Baan revives, but MS bid is probably smoke

    A small stake, however, may be feasible

    Business 24 08:10

  • Systems builders must avoid complacency, says Microsoft

    Big name PC brands are ready to swoop on independents' traditional markets

    Business 24 09:49

  • Microsoft to offer Word 2000 at $8 in Korea

    ...before it persuades users to upgrade to Office 2000

    Business 24 09:51

  • Hard drives get hard sell from Maxtor

    There's more to storage than meets the eye, you know

    Business 24 10:05

  • Unmetered Web access championed by Japan

    Rest of world shown the way by government decision

    Business 24 10:16

  • Do Athlon K7 figures add up for AMD?

    It's going to be a narrow squeak...

    Business 24 10:49

  • Cirrus, IBM rejig JV

    IBM takes over MiCRUS

    Business 24 10:55

  • If Slot A is Athlon, is Slot B Bi-Athlon?

    And when can we expect more runners and riders in this race?

    Business 24 10:57

  • Resellers must adapt to survive

    Customer relationships are key to the future

    Business 24 11:38

  • Tempo ISP customers get free Web calls at last

    BT promises to get its ducks in a row by tomorrow

    Business 24 11:40

  • Microsoft takes it on the Chin

    Judge Jackson's law clerk is wired

    Business 24 12:44

  • Lights go out at BTInternet as whole network crashes

    Best course of action - go and put the kettle on

    Business 24 13:55

  • S3-3Dfx deal had legs

    Three wheels on my wagon-lit

    Business 24 14:12

  • AMD-Intel gladiatoral battle takes share shape

    Protean shifting on US stock exchange

    Business 24 14:50

  • C&W wins $75 mill Compaq deal

    Armadas and DeskPros a plenty

    Business 24 15:09

  • Compaq wins $75 mill C&W deal

    Armadas and DeskPros a plenty

    Business 24 15:09

  • Freecall-UK ready to go live at last

    Users can earn points toward getting free Web calls

    Business 24 16:50