22nd June 1999 Archive

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  • Does Intel broadband sat deal cut out NatSemi?

    An AOL, Hughes, Intel triple alliance seems to be brewing...

    Business 22 09:03

  • AOL scare gives FreeServe punters the jitters

    Carry on speculating, we say

    Business 22 09:03

  • Judge muses on Microsoft's motivation

    Method acting approach makes it into trial proceedings

    Business 22 09:05

  • Gates money-pile now bigger than galaxy

    As a matter of interest, he could now afford to launch nine broadband satellite networks

    Business 22 09:08

  • Will MS lawyer swing for trial defence catastrophe?

    And read to the bottom for a squabble on why nobody wants Bill...

    Business 22 10:19

  • Fishing trip nets MS Sun secrets, but no evidence

    So under the circumstances, mustn't grumble...

    Business 22 10:22

  • AOL boss muses, can we afford to dump MS?

    Interesting memos - shame the witness knew nothing

    Business 22 10:25

  • PC gets left on shelf

    Over exposure to PCs in the workplace blunts home users' enthusiasm

    Business 22 14:08

  • S3 buys Diamond Multimedia

    Multimedia giants R'US

    Business 22 14:12

  • Phoenix readies plan to subvert MS OEM contracts

    Put it in the bios! They'll be putting the whole OS (hello DR-DOS) in the bios next...

    Business 22 14:59

  • VA new investment telegraphs another Linux IPO?

    Shrewd fellows - get some money now and hold off for a little longer to maximise the bang

    Business 22 15:01

  • Papers got wrong end of the stick, says AOL

    You could have someone’s eye out with that, we say

    Business 22 15:24

  • Tosh pledges Y2K comfort zone

    It’s not about stagnation, it’s about peace of mind

    Business 22 15:25

  • Intel's Barrett concedes defeat on PC-133

    He's waiting for the Rambus DRAM boys and girls to deliver

    Business 22 15:43

  • Long arm of the law reaches into cyberspace

    Civil rights brouhaha awaits Officer Dibble’s latest plan

    Business 22 15:46

  • Intel's Barrett confirms Internet Pad a goer

    It will be successful by next year, says Cheerio eater

    Business 22 15:48

  • Intel's Barrett says cellphone standards not important

    It can be done in silicon, claims CEO

    Business 22 15:56

  • Intel's Barrett fudges Merced, Coppermine

    Delays irritate him, he admits

    Business 22 15:58

  • Intel's Barrett says video conferencing on PCs big Intel mistake

    Others, including Ray Lane, confess their sins

    Business 22 16:01

  • Psion's Potter says Amazon may “flop”

    Backed up by other CEOs

    Business 22 16:14

  • Oracle's Lane has 18 TVs in two houses

    But he doesn't mind losing personal organisers...

    Business 22 16:19

  • Web hate sites target women and children

    Racists, fascists and terrorists show their true colours online

    Business 22 16:21

  • Intel's Barrett to bash Blair, Brown, on bandwidth

    And famous country Intel has more bandwidth than Italy and Spain combined...

    Business 22 16:25

  • Jamaican version of Da Regista found online

    Amazingly, it makes more sense of stories than we do...

    Business 22 19:18