21st June 1999 Archive

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  • MS Death List II – enemies scheme was live

    And the programme was approved by Gates

    Business 21 07:06

  • IE5 installation kills-off NT remote update service

    A helpful little piece of integration breaks update automation. Pending arrival of Win2k, no doubt...

    Business 21 07:11

  • AMD K7 advertised in US Computer Shopper


    Business 21 07:19

  • Merced deader than MontyPythonParrot?

    It's time for Intel to come clean. Now.

    Business 21 07:33

  • Intergraph CEO claims Intel “grossly misrepresented” facts

    Alabama judge sets date for trial in Year 2000

    Business 21 07:52

  • Does Coppermine have a crap core?

    Willamette is Intel's pet, it can't be .18 micron

    Business 21 12:01

  • Taiwan spans up OEM CD-ROM biz

    Japanese cede lion's share

    Business 21 12:02

  • Web goes wibbly wobbly over Y2K


    Business 21 12:03

  • Cash conscious surfers back Freeserve model

    Research claims Dixons’ hold on market now unshakeable

    Business 21 12:09

  • Freeserve tops UK ISP hit parade

    Research shows who’s up and who’s down, pop pickers. Not ‘alf

    Business 21 12:12

  • European banks slip through the Net

    Study shows institutions underestimate the Web – silly bankers

    Business 21 12:13

  • easyJet goes for easyNet café life

    Cybercafe launch from cut-price airline firm

    Business 21 12:19

  • Linux alliance fights against Euro software patents

    Moving to US model would help monopolies and stifle innovation

    Business 21 13:03

  • K7 is definitely AMD Athlon

    Well, that's what the OEMs say -- the disties are silent

    Business 21 15:27

  • Prices go mad on IBM and Compaq notebooks

    Is it a surprise?

    Business 21 15:34

  • Buy UK company NorWeb, big time

    It's got a groovy way of beating BT

    Business 21 15:36

  • Fujitsu set to clean up on HDDs


    Business 21 16:06

  • French company likely to sue AMD if Athlon trademark

    It's a yoghurt thing

    Business 21 16:06

  • Fujitsu pops down to Safeway in search of consumer sales

    Aisle 12, beside the fish counter

    Business 21 16:23

  • Hard times drive Western Digital warning

    Price war exacts toll

    Business 21 16:41

  • Dell cuts reliance on Taiwan

    There's no place like home

    Business 21 16:42

  • TFT workers work like quacks

    Rush to meet demand

    Business 21 16:43

  • Pro-spam Euro MP caught crying in her beer after election

    Tears of a clown

    Business 21 16:55

  • Spam opt-out service goes live

    You can apply for more spam,too

    Business 21 16:56