18th June 1999 Archive

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  • Intel gets Coppermine cobble-wobbles

    Too many Celerons make for low ASPs

    Business 18 07:44

  • 3Com, Aether form wireless data ISP

    Windows CE gets joint billing with PalmOS

    Business 18 09:59

  • HP veteran Ann Livermore tops CEO shortlist

    Lew Platt's replacement to be announced any day now

    Business 18 10:10

  • MS pushes write to congress campaign via Windows Update

    'Soo.. I wrote mine and said to nail them to the cross...'

    Business 18 10:14

  • Novell slashes SCO stake

    80 per cent of shares sold -- rest to follow next month

    Business 18 10:21

  • EMI selects Liquid Audio for digital music system

    Major label's online music plans begin to take shape

    Business 18 10:36

  • Life not so fab at Intel

    The process that shagged me

    Business 18 10:59

  • Packard Bell looks to iMac clone for survival

    Last chance to make good before NEC pulls plug?

    Business 18 11:06

  • Major MS Web Server security hole exposed, plugged

    Bug-fix terrorism? Whatever next?

    Business 18 11:33

  • Register storms on to new heights

    Page impressions soar on your supersoaraway site

    Business 18 11:48

  • Intel confirms mobile price reductions

    Slash and burn time again

    Business 18 12:00

  • Cisco fall-out sees ilion sue Ciscom

    Staff lay-offs too

    Business 18 12:13

  • ‘Cooked’ MS memo II – DoJ chases missing emails

    Missing material may involve lawyer, broad arrows

    Business 18 13:30

  • Corel predicts Monday's Q2 results announcement

    Expect profits of 14 cents per share, $70.5 million revenue, says CFO

    Business 18 14:41

  • AMD-Alpha collaboration firmed up

    Slot B, Tsunami chipset, et al

    Business 18 15:28

  • Intel denies allegations on K7 mobo pressure

    It's unethical. And it never happens

    Business 18 16:03

  • Strike a light! Philips sells off semi division bit

    There's bulbs in that there country

    Business 18 16:03

  • Motorola offers royalty-free M-Core licences

    But only to Japanese OEMs, which isn't as daft as it might sound

    Business 18 16:13

  • Iomega predicts huge Q2 loss

    So much for the turnaround...

    Business 18 16:26

  • AMD and Intel meet in lavatory

    One hand washes another

    Business 18 16:34

  • Geologist indicted for sending, receiving child porn via Net

    Earth scientist rocked for getting rocks off

    Business 18 16:38

  • Geologist indicted for receiving child porn via Net

    Earth scientist rocked for getting rocks off

    Business 18 16:42

  • Congress at your Fingertips – how MS lobbies via the Web

    A fascinating and intricate machine is marshalling support

    Business 18 16:57