17th June 1999 Archive

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  • Samsung sets up Alpha S&M arm

    Aims to capitalise on Compaq boost for chip

    Business 17 07:29

  • Taiwanese spy agency claims computer company acquired by reds

    Local spooks allege big dollar investment

    Business 17 08:00

  • Ghost of Pfeiffer stalks Compaq

    Mother of all re-orgs arrives today

    Business 17 08:24

  • MS compiled ‘friends and enemies’ list of companies

    They'd none of them be missed, no they'd none of them be missed

    Business 17 09:06

  • ‘Cooked’ MS memo – could Gates be in contempt of court?

    MS lawyers caught filing made-up 'evidence'

    Business 17 09:53

  • Naked PowerPC G4 seen on Web

    Mac site offers first view of next-generation Motorola CPU

    Business 17 10:13

  • Apple crippled G3 Macs to bar PPC G4 upgrades

    It's all in the firmware, alleges Mac Web site

    Business 17 10:23

  • Pentium III erratumnotbug updated

    Spec sheet shows huge list of NoFixes

    Business 17 10:40

  • Fujitsu takes control of Siemens PC business

    Staged exit for the Germans?

    Business 17 10:44

  • Doom-mongers forecast Y2K gloom

    Stockpiling our way into recession

    Business 17 11:29

  • Mergers a la modis

    Combines 11 companies

    Business 17 11:31

  • Vodafone calls for phone health study

    Wants to quash consumer fears

    Business 17 12:03

  • Open up Windows source code, says Sun boss

    Meanwhile, the MS bid to integrate the English language proceeds apace

    Business 17 12:07

  • BT warned off Scoot's patch

    Get your scooters off my lawn

    Business 17 13:15

  • Samsung's Alpha to exceed 1GHz in year's time

    However, it's possible Compaq will be gutted

    Business 17 13:22

  • Fresh profit warning from Compaq

    Ben Rosen delivers bad news

    Business 17 13:33

  • IBM, Compaq plan Euro slimline notebook roll-outs

    Compaq Armada coming in Q3, IBM ThinkPad later due before year end -- maybe

    Business 17 13:55

  • Fujitsu Siemens aims for top two PC slot

    'No indication' of Siemens withdrawal

    Business 17 16:15

  • Cisco buys another company, shock horror

    It's a phone thing, called Transmedia

    Business 17 16:38

  • Barth retires, as Compaq pushes direct sales

    Redundancies across the group

    Business 17 17:06