16th June 1999 Archive

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  • 4-way Linux Alpha SMP server spotted

    First of its kind?

    Business 16 07:20

  • Oracle prez in Web shopping gaffe

    Remind us, Ray - what is it that the company that paid for your Porsche does?

    Business 16 08:20

  • IE uninstall – the MS two browser trick explained

    The trial transcript seems to point to another demo fiddle

    Business 16 08:23

  • Intel to shuffle 750 jobs in Ireland

    Assembly of PIIIs moving "elsewhere"

    Business 16 09:00

  • Camino B1 silicon in…

    But could have year end fever

    Business 16 09:09

  • Apple to get first copper, SOI PPCs from IBM?

    A tasty little come-on for Apple, in the run-up to the G4, mayhap...

    Business 16 09:18

  • Name that K7

    Athlon? Sounds like Athlete's Foot...

    Business 16 09:32

  • IT manager fired for lunchtime Web surfing

    Do not waste company resources -- or else, warns employer

    Business 16 09:33

  • That Amazon.co.uk statement in full…


    Business 16 10:01

  • Amazon.co.uk pulls ‘libellous’ book from shelves

    But The Committee still available from US site

    Business 16 10:10

  • ARM unveils MP3 decoder software

    ARM CPU plus software better than ASICs, DSPs, apparently

    Business 16 10:24

  • Top Microsoft boffin votes for Russian Merced Killer

    Gordon Bell produces facts and figures

    Business 16 10:29

  • 3Dfx still tipped to buy S3

    Speculation mounts big time despite UMC money

    Business 16 10:41

  • Rio legal, rules appeals court

    Portable MP3 player not a recording device -- official

    Business 16 10:49

  • AMD K7 yields to no-one, especially not Intel

    Engineers tip us the wink about .12 micron etching and more

    Business 16 11:19

  • Magex to trial online music sales

    Trail to go live in August, but first find your music providers

    Business 16 11:23

  • AMD copper techniques emerge

    There's aluminium in them thar hills

    Business 16 11:36

  • Oracle cuts jobs in Internet rejig

    Soaring sales

    Business 16 11:42

  • Net needs to heighten hype – Cisco

    We're not shouting loud enough about the new industrial revolution. Apparently

    Business 16 11:48

  • Dirk Meyer spills K7 beanz

    Angst at Chipzilla Central sure to follow

    Business 16 11:55

  • MS fails to list Intel CPUs as Win98 SE compatible

    So don't they work then? Or is it just a childish squabble?

    Business 16 12:03

  • BeOS 4.5 out next week?

    Supplier's shelf-clearing suggests it will be

    Business 16 12:08

  • Texan pirate banged up in German jail

    Member of £40 million bootlegging ring

    Business 16 12:20

  • Intel Linux site running on NT….

    Oops, there goes another kilowatt plant...

    Business 16 12:21

  • Could theft explain expensive Intel chips?

    Thought police fail to stop top chip blagger

    Business 16 12:31

  • Merced samples may make Intel Fall

    It might as well rain until September

    Business 16 14:47

  • CUT slams Government Net complacency

    Self contradictory statements, pressure group claims

    Business 16 14:47

  • Porn site operator bids high for Caesar's casinos

    Bizarre offer

    Business 16 15:00

  • Amazon takes $45 million stake in Sotheby's

    Buys in name auction house for respectability - but how respectable is Sotheby's?

    Business 16 15:01

  • Compaq stressed out by low prices

    How low can a share price go?

    Business 16 15:25

  • Piracy turns directors into criminals

    So prosecute them, then

    Business 16 15:39

  • Distributors in turmoil

    End of the road

    Business 16 15:54

  • News on prizes from The Reg

    That Seattle mo-board and that Network Show

    Business 16 16:20

  • MS ‘hit team’ head takes on geeks in Linux-NT challenge

    And from the sound of it, things could get pretty messy in there...

    Business 16 16:22

  • Distributors in turmoil: the Ideal answer

    Turn on to the IT Network

    Business 16 16:36

  • Distributors in turmoil: what about the little guys?

    Credit lines reined in

    Business 16 16:47

  • Distributors in turmoil: the winners and the losers

    Simon Meredith reads the form card

    Business 16 16:54

  • UK disties: the winners and the losers

    Four-part report by Simon Meredith

    Business 16 17:02

  • Nortel ties itself in knots over mental health ‘slur’

    You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps

    Business 16 17:42

  • The Gateway expandable PC that isn't

    Future proofing

    Business 16 19:54