15th June 1999 Archive

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  • AOL's plans for dumping Windows, IE

    Slightly Walter Mitty, they were, but TV's another matter

    Business 15 08:02

  • Felten hits back at MS exec Allchin on integration

    And an old Kempin-related email sticks its oar in...

    Business 15 08:49

  • MS DLLs are like ice cream and carrots – expert

    So if you'd thought wet string and chewing gum, you were wrong...

    Business 15 08:54

  • ‘Compaq’ invents Linux-based palm computer

    But actually it's more likely decided to get some mileage out of Digital R&D after all...

    Business 15 09:55

  • Sun, 3Com bring Java to Palm

    Paves way for push against Symbian

    Business 15 11:14

  • Intel to be paid to limit fab jobs

    Agreement required for $200 million Oregon tax break

    Business 15 11:29

  • Cloner to make MS Java available to all platforms

    Which would however appear to be subtly different from making it open source...

    Business 15 11:35

  • ‘Free’ Internet claims exposed

    This is an offer you can refuse, Tim Richardson reports

    Business 15 11:58

  • Ten fingers, two thumbs keep moving with HP Internet keyboards

    Should be fine for Hannibal Lecter and Anne Boleyn, then

    Business 15 12:06

  • 3Com partners with NTT DoCoMo for wireless Palm roll-out

    Japanese wireless data service to mirror recent US launch

    Business 15 12:07

  • Maxtor issues profit warning

    Price tumble to blame

    Business 15 13:40

  • Psion launches Series 5mx – the 5 ‘Second Edition’

    Faster, cleaned-up, includes the stuff they promised (oops) to put in the last one...

    Business 15 14:41

  • Inktomi, Inktomi, they've all got it Inktomi

    Robot takes over directory

    Business 15 15:12

  • M4 touts DLT tape library

    Wants resellers

    Business 15 15:32

  • MS bids for wireless generation with MSN Mobile

    Trust us, even if it's free it's a plot. Especially if it's free...

    Business 15 15:52

  • Handbags at dawn between Excite and GTE

    War of words breaks out over cable trials

    Business 15 15:53

  • UK encryption proposals ‘breach’ human rights

    Government warned to back off

    Business 15 16:41

  • Intel displays mobile 400MHz wares

    First 0.18-micron CPU hits the streets

    Business 15 16:59

  • One jumps, others pushed from Ingram Micro UK

    Confirms 50 redundancies

    Business 15 17:07

  • Cadence snaps up Orcad

    Cash offer

    Business 15 17:18

  • Emails damage your health

    This is getting ridiculous

    Business 15 17:33