14th June 1999 Archive

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  • MS pricing for Win95: Compaq $25, IBM $46

    Our friend from IBM reveals some interesting numbers

    Business 14 08:45

  • IBM's audit: fear and loathing in the MS relationship

    As the count progressed, a 'kiss and pay up' policy emerged...

    Business 14 08:49

  • MS turning to open source outfit for Java clone?

    The words 'Microsoft' and 'GNU licence' seem a particularly weird combination...

    Business 14 08:55

  • Say a little prayer for your ISP

    Vatican wants Net patron saint

    Business 14 10:44

  • 3dfx tries to wrap up Creative's wrapper

    Legal challenge claims copyright infringement, breach of contract

    Business 14 11:20

  • Chernikeeff boss lands £100 million in share sale

    Bring on the tax planners

    Business 14 11:24

  • Ericsson buys Telebit

    Will buy three more companies this summer

    Business 14 11:29

  • Nobel Peace Prize winner sues Amazon

    Trimble attacks 'horrendous allegations'

    Business 14 11:32

  • LinuxPPC 5.0 ships

    Adds glibc 2, kernel 2.2, Gnome, GUI installer

    Business 14 11:44

  • IBM attacked in staff Web uprising

    Pension changes provoke mass spleen-venting

    Business 14 12:38

  • Our favourite eBay error messages

    Sorry seems to be the easiest word

    Business 14 12:51

  • Iridium fires 80 staff

    Has to double subscriber numbers in 15 days. Oh dear.

    Business 14 13:41

  • Churn baby churn: junk email inferno

    Stop getting spammed: sack your ISP

    Business 14 14:55

  • Only 18 disk drive makers left

    Any more for the cull?

    Business 14 15:04

  • Charles Schwab Europe touts free share trades

    For one empowering month only

    Business 14 15:40

  • GM food martyr publishes Web defence

    Mashed potato

    Business 14 16:30

  • Ram raids prompt Hammer move

    This time it's a seven and a half ton truck

    Business 14 16:36

  • High Street giant zooms in on Web mall

    Says it will succeed, where others have failed

    Business 14 16:44

  • Anti-piracy czars slammed for bully-boy tactics

    Guilty of demanding replies with menaces

    Business 14 16:47