12th June 1999 Archive

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  • MS attorney becomes marketing spinmeister, judge gets bored

    When the judge wonders if you're getting anywhere, you're in trouble...

    Business 12 10:49

  • Killing OS/2 by quotas – how MS Win95 deals stifle rivals

    The deal isn't 'ship less OS/2,' but 'ship more Win95,' capiche?

    Business 12 10:53

  • Compaq exec says copper Alpha in '99

    Who's playing hardball in the Samsung talks then?

    Business 12 13:26

  • MS finally puts Win98 SE full version on sale, at $209

    But it's not being sold directly by Microsoft - yet.

    Business 12 13:28

  • Intel begins climb-down on PC133

    And is lucky VIA being cajoled into one of those alliances Intel's so keen on?

    Business 12 16:10

  • Godfather Gates irate at IBM's lack of ‘respect’

    Bizarre wish that Gerstner pay tribute to MS technology (sic)

    Business 12 16:17