11th June 1999 Archive

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  • MS squeezes out free service pack distribution

    A future where only registered users can get the gear, and only direct from MS, looms

    Business 11 09:17

  • Oops – MS forgets to start selling Win98 SE

    Somewhere in the labyrinthine web that is Microsoft's ungrade strategy, the full version got lost...

    Business 11 09:21

  • New York Times virus report strangely viral

    Whacked again, or did we just forget to publish the story?

    Business 11 09:39

  • June 30 deadline for Cyrix disposal

    NatSemi wants "solid and acceptable" offer. Hasn't had one yet

    Business 11 10:30

  • Have you got worms?

    Virus scare story of the week

    Business 11 10:46

  • Symantec to spin off Java operation

    Deal looks to IPO cash-in

    Business 11 10:56

  • EMI takes half-share in digital music company

    Recording major dips toes in music download market

    Business 11 11:14

  • Computacenter invades Belgium

    What does this mean for ICG partner Systemat?

    Business 11 11:28

  • Iridium to cut call charges

    Can Satellite service increase subscriber numbers in time?

    Business 11 11:30

  • Freeserve blitzkriegs UK with charm offensive

    Holds hands with Haymarket

    Business 11 11:41

  • Dialog scores President Blair PR coup with Fujitsu deal

    Hasn't Tony got anything better to do?

    Business 11 12:13

  • DoJ expert: there are 3,000 bugs in Win98

    Or if we can multiply right, there could be 21,000...

    Business 11 12:22

  • ‘Dysfunctional’ Ideal makes profit

    MacDonald resigns

    Business 11 15:00

  • Datrontech joints profit warning stampede

    Is RD Computers up for sale, or what?

    Business 11 15:24

  • Psion next generation to roll out on Tuesday

    And it would seem there's more where that came from...

    Business 11 15:28

  • Third Voice slammed for ‘defacing’ Web sites

    Webmasters up in arms over site comment software

    Business 11 16:03

  • Softbank supports shoe fetish with $80m buy

    It's a sportal thing, we wouldn't understand

    Business 11 16:10

  • BT touts flat-fee ADSL – NTK

    To those that have

    Business 11 16:35