9th June 1999 Archive

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  • US trade body hypes up chip growth

    SIA says things on the mend, but it always says that

    Business 09 Jun 06:57

  • S3 gets $42 million from UMC

    Good stuff, that patent licensing

    Business 09 Jun 07:07

  • Further Camino delay will mean Intel compromises

    Chipzilla may have to light other backburners

    Business 09 Jun 07:11

  • MS finally conquers Borland

    Once-mighty competitor accepts $$$ for intellectual property

    Business 09 Jun 08:23

  • MS offered IBM Win95 source for ‘neutral’ PC

    A neutral PC, friends, is one that only comes with MS software

    Business 09 Jun 09:35

  • ILDF manage to stave off Meta patent judgement

    Where this leaves Intel, we dunno

    Business 09 Jun 10:03

  • HP merges five sales forces worldwide

    Value, not volume sales units affected

    Business 09 Jun 10:53

  • Intel named in fresh antitrust suit

    Multivideo files action

    Business 09 Jun 11:00

  • Big Blue sued over mice – twice

    There's a rolling moose loose aboot the hoose

    Business 09 Jun 11:09

  • AOL claims 24/7 toll-free access offer “a hoax”

    But it is testing a freephone number...

    Business 09 Jun 11:55

  • Dell launches Euro free ISP

    Direct vendor leaps on the bandwagon

    Business 09 Jun 11:58

  • MSN FreeWeb goes dotty

    At last - there is a point to the Microsoft Network...

    Business 09 Jun 14:40

  • NatSemi credit card PC heralds ‘end of PC era’

    First products of new alliance to ship in Q4 - then you'll be able to cut your PC in half

    Business 09 Jun 15:11

  • Motorola scores $1bn PPC deal with, er, Sun and Motorola

    Bombastic ten year alliance to revolutionise IP wireless services. Honest.

    Business 09 Jun 15:41

  • The curse of MSN strikes another MS VP

    Isn't it extraordinary how many of them have gone into holiday mode since Ballmer took over?

    Business 09 Jun 16:16

  • MP demands cheaper net access from UK government

    He's called Webb. No, really...

    Business 09 Jun 16:28

  • UK government refuses to act on Net access costs

    'Let the market decide' is the policy, apparently...

    Business 09 Jun 16:32

  • UK users will get unmetered Net access within three months

    Mysterious major telco (not BT, maybe C&W then) plans to unleash toll-free, meter-free service

    Business 09 Jun 16:35

  • 3Dfx set to take over S3

    It's an 85 per cent rumour, OK?

    Business 09 Jun 22:13