7th June 1999 Archive

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  • Samsung could buy Compaq out of Alpha hole

    These are rumours, OK?

    Business 07 Jun 09:32

  • More heads to roll at the Big Q?

    And we have the triumvirate's memo

    Business 07 Jun 09:33

  • Intel carries on recruiting Merced babes-in-wood

    A whole spate of new jobs emerge…

    Business 07 Jun 09:37

  • Merced hotter, harder slower

    Gives opposition real chance…

    Business 07 Jun 09:39

  • Our Computex 99 coverage

    Typhoons, Cathay Pacific and earthquakes notwithstanding...

    Business 07 Jun 09:42

  • Someone registers AMD domain name

    But was it Advanced Micro Devices?

    Business 07 Jun 09:48

  • Watch the horses when the earthquakes strike

    Or any other animals you have with you

    Business 07 Jun 09:56

  • Intel uses Russia military technologies

    Russian designer could have been inspiration for Pentium name

    Business 07 Jun 10:14

  • Is pizza delivery the killer couch potato app?

    Microsoft buys stake in minimalist interactive TV outfit

    Business 07 Jun 10:19

  • Red Hat to be first major Linux IPO

    But as it 'grows up,' stresses become apparent...

    Business 07 Jun 10:22

  • MS caught searching for massaged Netscape sales data

    First decide on the result, then get the data. Heard it before?

    Business 07 Jun 10:26

  • NASA downed in hack attack

    But boldly going again

    Business 07 Jun 10:40

  • Dixons says yes to Freeserve IPO

    But will anyone other than a rival ISP really want it?

    Business 07 Jun 11:00

  • Japanese giants propose mini-1394

    Small connector not small enough, apparently

    Business 07 Jun 11:22

  • S3 launches mobile graphics market attack

    Brings Savage 4 to notebooks

    Business 07 Jun 11:54

  • Erotic exhibitor options IPO to fund online expansion

    Swelling interest in Net continues... ahem

    Business 07 Jun 12:06

  • Architect talks unto Architect about IA-64

    And one architect thinks t'other is talking crap

    Business 07 Jun 16:20

  • Celestica, Big Q laugh at IBM-Acer deal

    Assembly, dissembly, whatever

    Business 07 Jun 16:21

  • PowerPC G4 not late, says Motorola

    Expect big news in Q3, promises company

    Business 07 Jun 16:25

  • Euro Net strike “great success” claims organiser

    But will the telcos take notice?

    Business 07 Jun 16:30

  • UK Govt called to account for Net charges

    Do metered calls put Europe at a disadvantage? asks MP

    Business 07 Jun 16:32

  • Nelson Mandela is IT mandala

    Technology smoothes SA elections

    Business 07 Jun 21:39