4th June 1999 Archive

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  • MP3 big in Taipei

    Mass of portables arrive

    Business 04 03:14

  • FIC, Asus confirm K7 mobo support

    Former to use Irongate, latter Via

    Business 04 04:04

  • MS, DoJ lawyers out in force for IBM witness

    Both sides are fielding big teams for the potential key trial witness

    Business 04 07:18

  • IBM witness – MS probes for conflict within IBM

    Ah, the 'witness is a rogue cannon' gambit...

    Business 04 07:21

  • IBM witness reveals MS OEM price threats and deals

    Want to know what everything costs, and why? Read on...

    Business 04 07:24

  • MS OEM VP to IBM: dump Lotus and we'll cut a deal

    Who's a naughty boy then, Joachim?

    Business 04 07:27

  • Survey: 20 per cent of key MS customers consider Linux

    Oh dear - Microsoft UK is going to get spanked for this PR master-stroke

    Business 04 08:19

  • Linux is outselling Windows 98, says Microsoft

    It's apparently 'Microsoft boosts Linux' day today...

    Business 04 08:23

  • Chipzilla staff lose control of mouths in pub shocker


    Business 04 10:01

  • BT Boss gets £725,000 bonus for failing to buy MCI

    Bonfield rewarded for failure

    Business 04 10:15

  • BT boss gets £725,000 bonus for failing to buy MCI

    Nice work if you can get it

    Business 04 10:16

  • Careless talk costs lives

    Chipzilla staff lose control of mouths in pub shocker

    Business 04 10:30

  • Tiananmen protesters fight on the Web

    Anniversary of massacre marked with online petition

    Business 04 10:45

  • Hackers drive us crackers, says FBI

    Spook server still down after kiddie-hackers play knock and run

    Business 04 11:19

  • NatWest, Intertrust launch e-commerce currency

    But has Magex that magic touch? We're not so sure

    Business 04 11:24

  • Intel Swindon burgled shock

    Discerning blaggers knew exactly what they were after

    Business 04 11:51

  • Yahoo! is top of the Web 100

    Latest data throws up few surprises

    Business 04 11:57

  • PowerPC G4 delayed to 2000

    Motorola way late, say sources. Bugger, says Apple

    Business 04 12:29

  • ZD hacks advised to RTFM before filing stories

    Using PIII with chipset not designed for it "may not work" shocker

    Business 04 12:42

  • Compel sings Irish lullaby for IP Dublin

    Dublin division of Info'P sold off

    Business 04 14:06

  • Online shoppers get ripped off

    Survey finds poor information and a lack of customer care

    Business 04 14:12

  • Headless Web site haunts Kona president

    We dropped in to say aloha -- but there was nobody home

    Business 04 14:38

  • It's girls on top on the Web

    Ecommerce being driven by gender differences as women e-shop 'til they drop

    Business 04 15:16

  • Germany liberates crypto usage

    Privacy is right of every citizen, says German government

    Business 04 15:54

  • Memory Corp decides to forget everything

    Fabless company now nameless too

    Business 04 15:59

  • Sequent slags off Sun Microsystems

    Desperation or what?

    Business 04 16:02

  • Startup paves MS way to make DirectX Web standard

    A startup founded by the author of... DirectX. Funny that...

    Business 04 16:20

  • Quantum profits take leap backwards

    Pressure on prices blamed for damaged earnings

    Business 04 16:24

  • IBM witness: the inside poop on MS and IBM killing OS/2

    All the twistings and turnings as Big Blue switched to Win 95

    Business 04 17:02