1st June 1999 Archive

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  • MS finalises Nextel stake

    The company's building up quite a portfolio in wireless

    Business 01 07:08

  • Official: Linux is Art

    But you can't dance to it...

    Business 01 08:39

  • Intel plans ‘Timna’ PII-on-chip

    Something interesting coming out of the embedded operation at last?

    Business 01 08:41

  • MS unique IDs to reappear in Win2k

    Unique IDs are in the PC99 spec uniquely for Win2k's purposes. Go figure...

    Business 01 08:45

  • Intel PC-on-a-chip details emerge

    Timna due 2000

    Business 01 10:31

  • Iridium granted 30-day reprieve

    Has until 30 June to prove punters want it

    Business 01 10:58

  • Borders to offer book printing on demand

    Technology to solve stores' stock space limitations

    Business 01 11:21

  • UK plc – your number's up

    New phone numbers come into force today, but hardly anyone knows

    Business 01 11:26

  • Businesses can source HP direct

    US Web trial to hit Europe later this month

    Business 01 11:57

  • Profit warning from Northamber

    Distributor points finger at market conditions

    Business 01 12:33

  • Hackers threaten to crash US gov network

    Two more sites hit this weekend as the cyber war hots up

    Business 01 12:44

  • K7's new clothes debut on Web

    Casing and daughtercard, yes -- but where's the chip?

    Business 01 13:54

  • Iomega opens direct sales operation

    Hopes to regenerate revenue via Web

    Business 01 14:28

  • 100 all out for Cable & Wireless

    Redundancies hit London HQ

    Business 01 15:49

  • Intel buys Dialogic

    $780 million deal helps Chipzilla’s plan to become a contender in the server market

    Business 01 16:06

  • ilion loses UK Cisco franchise

    Jewel in the crown gone, two staff suspended, and a £500,000 black-hole –- oh dear

    Business 01 16:29

  • DoJ's ‘Punch’ beats MS' ‘Judy’

    The Felten deposition

    Business 01 16:42

  • Mainland China to become component giant

    But watch out for foreign relations…

    Business 01 16:52