28th May 1999 Archive

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  • FTC investigators recommend action against Intel

    Limited scope to start with, but this one could grow big

    Business 28 07:28

  • Intel's pricing fork gets sharper

    Battle with AMD to get yet bloodier

    Business 28 07:40

  • Direct Rambus further delayed

    Volume slips back into Q4

    Business 28 07:52

  • MS play the standards game with BizTalk

    It's all perfectly open. Honest...

    Business 28 08:29

  • Maritz at TechEd – still embracing and smothering

    Trial or no trial, MS carries on screwing-up the standards

    Business 28 08:32

  • Oftel to force BT to cut cost of Web calls

    But don't hold your breath -- it'll be a long time coming

    Business 28 09:31

  • Hagan to take Fujitsu to uncharted waters

    Not content with supermarket and petrol stations, Fuj is to boldly go, blah, blah, blah...

    Business 28 09:54

  • IBM exec outlines MS plan to throttle OS/2, Lotus

    Ship the wrong stuff and you got 'IBM prices' - apparently

    Business 28 10:02

  • Memory chips sold at less than cost

    Price rises inevitable

    Business 28 10:06

  • BTInternet and the free call fiasco

    Our man on the spot finds BT getting its wires crossed

    Business 28 10:14

  • Nintendo profit hits six-year high

    Next year's going to be good too, company reckons

    Business 28 10:16

  • Sony adds data protection to 1394

    Firewire finally ready to become digital consumer electronics standard

    Business 28 10:41

  • IBM exec reveals MS sales quotas for Win95

    And a 20 per cent price hike if you missed them

    Business 28 10:46

  • K6-III/500 shipping, will cost £299

    Slated for June, in volume

    Business 28 10:48

  • Intel's Merced may never see the light of day

    But don't worry, Foster could fill the gap

    Business 28 11:10

  • AMD trademarks own name

    This has got to be trademark-blunder of the year

    Business 28 11:16

  • Iridium one step from bankruptcy

    Company pins hopes on restructure -- if its creditors will let it

    Business 28 11:17

  • Big Blue secretary busted for insider trading

    Saw details of Lotus takeover while photocopying and told all her friends

    Business 28 11:32

  • FBI site still down after hack attack

    Spooks tagged by Global Hell bandits

    Business 28 14:01

  • UN body moves to ban Web squatters

    But ruling on trademark infringement could favour big businesses say critics

    Business 28 14:04

  • No breach of confidentiality, says Freeserve

    Accusations of passing personal details on to PC World are flatly denied

    Business 28 14:05

  • Web ad watchdog with no email

    ASA says it take a whole year to get an email account set up -- yikes!

    Business 28 14:16

  • Craig Barrett caught outside Log Cabin

    Yee Hah

    Business 28 14:35

  • C2000 brings back old hand to replace Cook

    They'll be playing meine Klein is back music

    Business 28 14:59

  • Panic at Chipzilla central

    Move those goalposts, chaps

    Business 28 15:26

  • IBM confirms druggy E its trademark

    Hasn't Big Blue heard about the Drug Czar?

    Business 28 15:28

  • Usenet demands ‘death penalty’ sentence for AOL

    Online service doesn't do enough to hinder spam, claim German Usenet administrators

    Business 28 15:39

  • Missing Iridium ‘suit’ located

    Mystery man alive and well and living in... obscure Iridium.com directory

    Business 28 15:50

  • PalmPilot at the helm as 3Com takes new shape

    Time to cast off low margin kit, says Benhamou

    Business 28 17:08

  • The naked civil servant – online Down Under

    Ozzie government workers use office IT systems for cybersex

    Business 28 17:09

  • Toshiba sets its sights on system builders’ business

    New range of SME PCs will be co-branded with resellers

    Business 28 17:23