27th May 1999 Archive

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  • Rise roadmap arises

    Chips aimed at low end of the market

    Business 27 07:57

  • Proxy servers – entries in

    Hidden hits or transparent misses

    Business 27 08:05

  • EU-US talks close to collapse – Web privacy war ensues?

    Indubitably, lots of US companies are already breaking EU law - so when's the bust?

    Business 27 08:44

  • IBM ‘dossier’ to detail MS Windows threats

    The DoJ has a squealer from Big Blue, apparently...

    Business 27 08:46

  • IE uninstall expert upgrades his program

    Responds to customer (Microsoft) reactions - how touching...

    Business 27 09:41

  • Did Compaq and MS try to buy linux.com?

    If they did, it was surely in the 'what a smart move - NOT' category...

    Business 27 09:48

  • Final release of AMD K7 sample spotted

    Front side bus goes up to 250MHz

    Business 27 09:53

  • Half of users attack their PCs

    IT rage reaches epidemic proportions in UK

    Business 27 10:30

  • Apple grabs Gap man

    And we're not talking Watford...

    Business 27 10:46

  • nVidia to drop TNT brandname

    New name to be announced next month

    Business 27 11:26

  • Symbian, NTT show broadband ‘concept’ device

    Here we go with some more hype from Tokyo - the new Psions can't be far off...

    Business 27 11:33

  • UK abandons key escrow

    Police to gain access to data only with senior politicos' say-so

    Business 27 12:01

  • PR bunny hops on her bike to become African Queen

    Charity fundraising ride of 50 miles a day in Kenya

    Business 27 12:11

  • Consumer PC spending hits peak

    After 1999, it's downhill all the way, predicts Forrester Research

    Business 27 12:35

  • Call centre company gets £2m boost

    Venture capital injection will create 200 jobs

    Business 27 15:12

  • UK firms close technology gap on US

    Rapid growth in use of IT has put UK at top of the heap

    Business 27 15:14

  • Lloyds Bank loses customers’ cash at Bank Holiday

    Earlier this month 1,500 transactions went missing, watch out this Monday

    Business 27 15:16

  • Hog Tied at Making Markets over Harley competition

    No one’s come forward to claim the star prize of the publicity raising campaign

    Business 27 15:19

  • Ingram BUM presents a new face to the channel

    Which end is doing the talking we wonder?

    Business 27 15:57

  • Pressure mounts for BT to come clean over free calls

    Complaints have been made to Trading Standards and the telecomms watchdog

    Business 27 16:07

  • Taiwan evades US sanctions

    Vanguard figures mean go figure

    Business 27 16:17

  • Hardware IA-32 kludge put in Merced, whatever…

    HP slide tells whole story

    Business 27 16:19

  • Letter proves BT knew how many customers it would lose to LocalTel

    Claims of being caught out look distinctly flimsy

    Business 27 16:21

  • June 11 sweet spot for ex-Dec execs

    A Rosen by any other name

    Business 27 16:43

  • McNealy becomes shrinking UltraViolet III

    Demonstrates UltraSparc III, shining teeth thing

    Business 27 16:52

  • The email of the species is more deadly than the male

    Women on top on the Web

    Business 27 16:56