26th May 1999 Archive

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  • Computer games to end dyslexia

    Games could be good for you after all -- geeks everywhere are jumping for joysticks

    Business 26 07:32

  • Bavaria convicts former CompuServe boss in porn case

    Verdict has serious implications for ISPs

    Business 26 08:23

  • Win98 and IE broke Sun copyright – judge rules

    But the ruling is 'tentative and non-binding'

    Business 26 08:29

  • AMD gets all heavy-handed

    Must be those ex-Intel people at Chimpzilla

    Business 26 08:32

  • x86.org awards Register prize

    Receives accolade, not Lucozade

    Business 26 08:40

  • Software pirates still at large in UK

    Industry losing millions, says industry's watchdog

    Business 26 08:53

  • Virgin spammer settles out of court

    Industry still awaits a working legal precedent on dealing with unsolicited mail

    Business 26 09:07

  • Acorn's Web (News) Pad makes late debut

    The picture that speaks volumes...

    Business 26 09:07

  • More heads roll at Compaq Central

    It's never been the same since Eckhard went...

    Business 26 09:31

  • Intel can't access Net at Internet World

    Fnar... fnar...

    Business 26 09:40

  • MS VP maps out Win2k futures

    And gives us some clues about how much there still is to do

    Business 26 09:49

  • KGB acts like Web Big Brother

    Spies don't disappear, they just transmute

    Business 26 09:55

  • Wireless-enabled Psion due this summer?

    If it's due in Japan in 2000, it's due in the West NOW...

    Business 26 10:35

  • Allegations of fraud rock ilion

    Distributor gets lawyered-up to deal with 'irregularity'

    Business 26 10:39

  • Hardcore Web porn banned down under

    Web wizards of Oz must find a way of blocking foreign sites

    Business 26 11:00

  • IE uninstall witness makes MS trial comeback

    Defence gets another crack at shooting holes in Felten

    Business 26 11:04

  • Intel buys stake in US broadband network

    Another piece of the plan to host the Internet in its own data centres

    Business 26 11:25

  • R&D focus brings VideoLogic to profit

    Dreamcast royalties have begun to rake in the cash

    Business 26 11:35

  • Intel board alliance pushes PII in embedded market

    Here we go with Pentium class ATMs, cash registers etc...

    Business 26 12:36

  • NetWare 5 sales see Novell earnings rocket

    We're all very happy, says Novell chief -- no Schmidt

    Business 26 13:05

  • BT axes call charges for Web access

    48 hours of free Web calls for BTInternet customers

    Business 26 13:50

  • Oftel out of loop as BT plans free Web calls

    Watchdog still waiting for notification

    Business 26 13:55

  • Matsushita confirms Universal digital music deal

    AT&T, BMG also part of the quartet, as predicted

    Business 26 13:58

  • EMI to announce digital music service

    Call back in two weeks, suggests company chairman

    Business 26 14:06

  • World watches to see if Merced delayed

    While Intel corrects last week's mistake

    Business 26 14:07

  • Anti-MP3 scheme back-tracks on CD compatibility

    Initiative to protect future releases rather than past ones

    Business 26 14:26

  • Eight other mystery Intel developers tip up

    There were nine in the bed and the little one said, roll over

    Business 26 14:29

  • Taiwan firm wins iMac notebook contract

    iBook to ship "in second half of year", says Apple Taiwan

    Business 26 14:42

  • BT accused of stifling competition

    Rival telco has complained to Oftel over slow transfers of customer accounts

    Business 26 16:41

  • Free Web calls: BT speaks – not

    Suddenly it's not so good to talk after all

    Business 26 17:02

  • Windows NT can be tweaked for enterprises – official

    Amdahl the thin edge of the S/390 wedge

    Business 26 20:01