25th May 1999 Archive

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  • Cat out of K7 bag..

    As Persian president Katmai praises Clinton…

    Business 25 00:28

  • Win VIP tickets to Networks Telecom

    We've got two to give away, worth £1,200 each!

    Business 25 04:02

  • It's a person – Gates 3.0 ships

    Disappointingly though, the name isn't Damian...

    Business 25 07:48

  • Broadband wireless goes live in Europe

    US outfit WinStar opens for business in Amsterdam

    Business 25 08:19

  • Matsushita to invest in Symbian phone alliance

    Another biggie joins the ranks, and NTT's interested too

    Business 25 08:20

  • IBM certifies four Linux versions for servers

    And seems to be exhibiting a general increase in level of commitment

    Business 25 09:11

  • MS plans stakes in ten key Euro companies

    And is lobbying to get DSL implemented faster. Sometimes you find yourself applauding Microsoft...

    Business 25 09:12

  • IBM Euro channel gets e-wasted

    Slims to 60 people in UK by July

    Business 25 09:30

  • Snes9x.com host explains actions

    Nintendo vs emulation not our fight, says ISP boss

    Business 25 10:27

  • SiS goes live on 630

    North and super south bridges et al

    Business 25 10:36

  • Hackers to wage war on Serbs

    Milosevic bank accounts are the target of cyber strikeforce

    Business 25 10:45

  • Intel registers loop to prevent people going inside

    Has Chipzilla gone stark staring bonkers?

    Business 25 11:19

  • DRAM famine due next year

    Demand for memory to boost semiconductor revenues, limit supply

    Business 25 11:24

  • Azlan bounces back into the black

    Starting to draw a line under the problems of the past

    Business 25 11:33

  • Samsung wins huge Amstrad BskyB deal

    Worth 170 million satellite receivers

    Business 25 11:41

  • Microsoft UK boss bashes wired Britain

    We are destined to become an also-ran of the digital world Svendsen tells conference

    Business 25 11:45

  • UK government threatens own Y2K push

    Chancellor's changes mean contractors might pack bags

    Business 25 11:52

  • From window locks to Net music star

    Reversal of fortune

    Business 25 12:00

  • Oxymoron of the week: The Prison Portal

    Within these walls...

    Business 25 12:36

  • HP and Intel join hands

    And speak about the architecture that is yet to be

    Business 25 12:45

  • UK Web population dominated by the middle classes

    Plethora of freebie services have failed to bring democracy to the Net

    Business 25 12:46

  • Blacksmith's daughter forges Register expenses

    Caught napping...

    Business 25 12:54

  • Stars Wars comes to Internet World

    The Dark Side is coming to get you -- and for once we're not talking about AMD

    Business 25 14:08

  • Macromedia to free Flash

    Web graphics technology to go open source (ish)

    Business 25 14:43

  • Intel's NewsPad from Acorn… the saga continues…

    Didn't Acorn have a similar design?

    Business 25 14:53

  • It's time to get on down and dig the groovy Internet, hep cats

    Our man at Internet World '99 thinks too many old geezers think the Web will help them look cool

    Business 25 14:57

  • PIII is a Ferrari, says Intel

    If only the Web deserved such 'highly tuned' hardware...

    Business 25 15:40

  • Do proxy servers disguise huge amounts of users?

    Business 25 15:51

  • Ballmer says Win2K will be later

    Will the share price collapse before everybody realises he didn't mean later than ever?

    Business 25 16:01

  • Huge tariffs levied on Taiwanese DRAM firms

    Facts and figures follow...

    Business 25 16:16

  • Barnesandnoble.com IPO to raise $422m

    Biggest e-commerce IPO ever so yah boo sucks to you, Amazon

    Business 25 16:21

  • The Pentium III 550MHz is an emergency

    Follow that ambulance marchitecture

    Business 25 16:24

  • Marchitecture(n)

    The Oxford English Regictionary, part 550

    Business 25 16:49

  • MS mounts major bid for soul of knowledge worker

    Digital dashboards are in, and Exchange is turning into something called Web Store, apparently

    Business 25 16:57