21st May 1999 Archive

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  • Big Blue courts SMEs with Web StarterPacks

    Bundles hardware and software to help small businesses get online

    Business 21 07:08

  • Centaur-IDT outlines chip plans

    WinChip 2 and 2-3D to arrive in volume later this year

    Business 21 07:33

  • Rhode Island Reds caught in Compaq Wildfire

    Prod plans will be unveiled at DECUS

    Business 21 07:49

  • Intel made big, big mistake

    Sueing ViA was not a bright idea

    Business 21 08:08

  • How Softbank made its billions

    They're largely virtual, but it's a big pile, nevertheless

    Business 21 08:09

  • ‘Hit team’ drives MS plan to bludgeon Linux with benchmarks

    And who's in charge? Step forward Jim Allchin, we reckon...

    Business 21 09:23

  • Asus confirms flood of fake mobos

    And tells you how to tell

    Business 21 10:17

  • Is AOL running scared of the free access model?

    Other service providers have been happy to adapt and survive, why not AOL?

    Business 21 10:19

  • MS Newsedge deal to push Exchange-based news service

    Newsedge seems to be more expensive than The Register, but from its results, maybe not much...

    Business 21 10:21

  • More cash needed to fight kiddie Web porn war

    US politician says it's time to step up the crack down

    Business 21 10:29

  • Kryotech kreates kool kit

    Chill out man, and be a renegade

    Business 21 10:30

  • Gateway CEO hints at future Amiga role

    Internet + low-cost computers = Gateway strategy = Amiga?

    Business 21 10:45

  • NGIO architecture takes shape

    PC Developers will hear all about it

    Business 21 11:08

  • AMD K6-2 dominates retail PC market

    And Apple showed the highest unit growth

    Business 21 11:12

  • TSMC goes 12-inch

    And when will Intel?

    Business 21 11:22

  • EU U-turns on caching ban decision

    It's nothing to do with copyright after all

    Business 21 11:29

  • TFT screens in short supply – prices set to rise

    Toshiba can't get 13" up to demand - ooh err

    Business 21 11:42

  • Register Web hack caught in the act

    Why is he reading the Murdoch rag?

    Business 21 11:54

  • AMD to ship 500,000 K7s in Q4, says Intel

    Data comes hot from Old Mother Chipzilla's Almanac

    Business 21 12:03

  • Emachines to offer own-brand ISP

    Net access service to bolster narrow hardware margins

    Business 21 12:43

  • Cyber snoops come unstuck

    Plan to track emails and phone calls is scuppered

    Business 21 14:30

  • Golden Week rained off by Tosh management shower

    Shortage of TFT screens means Japanese staff are denied holiday

    Business 21 14:40

  • Aliens: coming to a house near you soon

    Screensaver could identify extraterrestrials any day now

    Business 21 14:59

  • It's ashes-to-ashes as Big Blue gets remains of the day

    Dead woman's ashes shot into air over IBM Portsmouth

    Business 21 15:29

  • X Windows creator calls for standard Linux GUI

    Mainstream success demands it, warns Gettys

    Business 21 15:44

  • Compaq may release Linux micro-PC to open sourcers

    Voice-enabled device could out-Palm Palm

    Business 21 16:03

  • Intel takes cowboy approach to branding

    Chipzilla takes its eye™ off the ball®?

    Business 21 16:29

  • PC banking success ends 6000 jobs at Barclays

    Not all bad news though -– 2000 PC banking jobs to come

    Business 21 16:39

  • One-2-One up for use as collateral by C&W

    Bank loans worth £3.8bn to be secured by mobile company

    Business 21 16:42

  • Office 2000 to debut 8 June

    Spin paramedic spills the beans

    Business 21 16:44

  • Samsung's Alpha outfit joins Linux International

    That should help the chips go out the door

    Business 21 16:45

  • Amiga looks to iMac, Palm for inspiration

    Concept designs reveal technology direction

    Business 21 17:00

  • UK tourism threatened by soccer violence

    Riot in Trafalgar Square scares old people and young foreigners

    Business 21 22:31